Nadine Dorries censors Nadine Dorries

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 29, 2009

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This week, Nadine Dorries emerged from her tragically difficult long weekend with a fab new makeover and a ‘get some’ attitude. To show us how bold and brave she was (and that nothing had changed), she then misrepresented the contents of a negative letter published in her local newspaper (while completely failing to mention that the letter was about her conduct on expenses) and savaged the writer while playing the victim.

Classic Dorries, and so far so standard, but this morning I discovered that Nadine had retro-moderated the relevant post, essentially removing her attack without actually admitting to any error, righting any wrongs, etc. – like it never happened, and she didn’t dishonestly quote a man out of context or disgracefully split hairs over what constitutes fighting for what you believe in.

Well, I’m going to mirror her original post here in order to SAVE BLOGGING AND FREE SPEECH (or something):

All’s Fair in War and Politics
Posted (by Nadine Dorries) Wednesday, 27 May 2009 at 15:16

My Labour opponent had a very strong letter in the Beds On Sunday this week.

In the letter he deployed his usual tactic of distorting the facts, something I’m becoming used to these days; however, he also said:

“I fought for as a soldier in Iraq in 2003”.

Anyone who reads my blog will know how pro-military I am.

I stand in awe and admiration of our soldiers, their professionalism and bravery.

Only last week, I wrote of how moved I was when I heard a Scots Dragoon Guard use his moment on TV to talk about the moment a soldier receives his pre-assignment message: ‘ contact with the enemy is certain’ – and what it is that fires that soldier on, one of our heroes, into battle.

So, you can imagine, when I read the words “I fought as a soldier in Iraq” I was quite impressed. Gosh, thought I, good job I’m the MP or I may be tempted to vote for him myself.

Only, did he fight in Iraq? Did he go out into the danger zones along with the a regiment on Op Telic 8, and risk his life and limb side by side with our soldiers, for the sake of freedom and democracy? The values for which he claims to have “fought in Iraq” .

I will be interested to find out the answer.

Claiming to be a hero when you write a political letter as the Labour candidate in a newspaper is a very big claim indeed. One that secures advantage and wins you votes.

Let’s hope it’s true.

Save Nadine Dorries from Nadine Dorries… or next time, it might be you!


  1. OllyReader says

    Jesus wept: this woman is incredible.

  2. Wireman says

    I note that she didn't amend the timestamp to reflect the change. Also, she's left the comments in place. There's a bit of existential argy-bargy about truth and accuracy from about comment #30 onwards.

  3. Paul.Ferrari says

    I love that the amened blog entry from her includes this gem :"… one needs to be absolutely honest AND precise. Nothing less will do."Priceless !She doesn't think that editing such an inflammatory and distasteful post is dishonest ?

  4. ian says

    she wouldn't know honesty if it daubed "that's life" on her door in the cotswolds.

  5. Manic says

    … and here I should advise readers not to do that, as it's against the law and probably more likely to reach her in Woburn anyway.

  6. Friendly Fire says
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