Hello to all the little Hitlers out there

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 4, 2009

Category: Tolerance

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009
6:52 pm and is filed
under Tolerance.

This is a photo from a friend’s private collection. I hereby dedicate this scan to all the little Hitlers of the world.

Bless them, their ickle jackboots, their adorably unsteady goose-stepping, and most of all their dream of not only annexing the sandpit, but (one day) the entire playground.

It's a little Hitler


  1. Guy Gooberman says

    Great picture. Are you getting BNP'd yet by all their fans emailing you madness?

  2. 5cc says

    "Are you getting BNP'd yet by all their fans emailing you madness?"I never get that. I almost feel left out – everyone else gets weird bile when they post about the BNP, I lay into Barnbrook all the chuffing time, get more visitors over the last couple of days when I've been slagging off the beeners than I ever get, and there's not a single weird rant in my inbox or in the comments.Maybe it's because my email address isn't on the front page. Maybe it's because they've worked out where I live and I'm going to face a kicking on my doorstep from some thick necked goon who's 'not in the BNP – honest' and they want to pretend they were never interested in the first place.Gulp.

  3. Guy Gooberman says

    5cc:It's a blessing, seriously, they are a mad bunch. I actually and foolishly went to meet one, he didn't show but I soon relaised what a terrible error I'd made by putting myself at risk meeting a possible racist maniac in a public place.

  4. Manic says

    I have one main rule on comments here; if you want to submit a comment to be published on this site, first you need to share a valid email address. Those (few) who try to get around that requirement are normally ignored or briefly entertained on a very short leash.It greatly reduces the total number of comments, but at least most people who do comment think before pissing up my wall.DHG: Try to ignore that anonymongrel over your way; they're clearly trolling for trouble, and not worth publishing any more than the other(?) fellow is worth meeting

  5. Hereward says

    Too many bloggers out there at the present saying' don't worry' or 'it's just a protest vote'….der Griffin is a threat even if of negligible stature.

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