Steve Uncles of the English Democrats is a cowardly scoundrel

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Rather than risk yet another ridiculous legal threat from yet another [expletive deleted], I’ll mostly let Steve Uncle’s own words speak for him in this post:

“You may recall the ‘self hating’ blogger – Chris Lightfoot, who in 2004, ‘went off on one’ just because he got a leaflet through his letter box with an England Flag on it. 18 Months ago the poor lad Committed Suicide – that’s what happens when you hate your own country, you have no identity, no focus – nothing.” – Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And just in case that wasn’t enough:

“Good! Let’s hope you go the same way as Chris Lightfoot” – Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And, as you can see, this is not a one-off or a ‘moment of madness’ but a theme that Steve Uncles keeps returning to:

“If we get the Liberal’s way, and have a multi-cultural “soup” everywhere in the world – what fun will it be when we go abroad ? You self haters, really need to sharpen up you game. Chris Lightfoot, did not do ANYTHING for English Democracy. The guy was a waster.” Steve Uncles, March 18, 2009

Jebus! I can only hope that if I pass on before him that Iain Dale will continue to take me this seriously*.

James Graham has more detail here.

PDF uses immoderate language to describe Steve Uncles here.

Oh, for those who don’t already know, Chris Lightfoot put more into our democracy than even this parasite could hope to extract.

Steve Uncles is a coward and a scoundrel and unworthy of your vote.

[*If you think that sentence unfair, then consider this; Iain Dale, like Steve Uncles, is completely blind to his errors/failings – or unwilling to admit to them in public – and describes my criticism of him as having “nothing to do with advancing political debate or matter[s] of any public importance” because he’s so gosh-darn important *and* right all of the time. Further, the only time that Iain Dale will address that criticism is when he knows I am not around and/or I have been effectively silenced… just as he did during the Usmanov event, while posing as a supporter. After his (in)actions over the Mercer call especially, I have every reason to believe he’d do the same while posing as a mourner, and I’ll even stake a fiver from my vast estate on it.]

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