YBNP’s ‘Billy Brit’ YouTube account closed!

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2009

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[The Russian crew watches the USS Dallas surfacing at speed]
Russian midshipman: [in Russian] Captain’s scared them out of the water!
[the Russians cheer]

The Hunt for Red October

As recently as 29 May, the YBNP site was offering signed ‘Billy Brit’ posters. This followed the Dorries-like stunt in which they responded to being mocked on HIGNFY by announcing that Billy Brit was a success because he’d been on TV (see: “Billy Brit is a special guest star on Have I got News for You”).

Sadly, a regular supply of deliciously dippy delusions has been cut off now that someone in authority (presumably in the BNP) has ordered the entire Billy Brit channel (formerly hosted at http://www.youtube.com/user/BillyBritPuppet) cuh-losed.

There are still posts like this on the BNP site, but they point to empty spaces where the ‘Billy Brit’ videos should be.

Journalists seeking a story that pretty much writes itself are advised to contact the BNP and ask them why Billy Brit has been removed from YouTube. My money’s on a vast left-wing conspiracy of political correctness, or a ballsy statement about their taking their ball and going home (days before an election) because they had already ‘won’.

Enjoy the only surviving* Billy Brit here or here if you haven’t alerady. Oh, and thanks to everybody who chipped in (on Twitter especially).

[Tut. How is it that I bring about the closure of entire BNP YouTube channel, but I can’t even get Iain Dale to apologise for being a total (expletive deleted) about my harassment case?]

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  1. Uponnothing says

    Some links and Billy Brit is back

    Tim Ireland has managed to get the BNP to shut down their rubbish Youtube videos, by simply making far better videos that show in an amusing way just what a bunch of ignorant, talentless, shit-kickers the far-right attracts. Make sure you watch Billy B…

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