YBNP’s ‘Billy Brit’ YouTube account closed!

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[The Russian crew watches the USS Dallas surfacing at speed]
Russian midshipman: [in Russian] Captain’s scared them out of the water!
[the Russians cheer]

The Hunt for Red October

As recently as 29 May, the YBNP site was offering signed ‘Billy Brit’ posters. This followed the Dorries-like stunt in which they responded to being mocked on HIGNFY by announcing that Billy Brit was a success because he’d been on TV (see: “Billy Brit is a special guest star on Have I got News for You”).

Sadly, a regular supply of deliciously dippy delusions has been cut off now that someone in authority (presumably in the BNP) has ordered the entire Billy Brit channel (formerly hosted at http://www.youtube.com/user/BillyBritPuppet) cuh-losed.

There are still posts like this on the BNP site, but they point to empty spaces where the ‘Billy Brit’ videos should be.

Journalists seeking a story that pretty much writes itself are advised to contact the BNP and ask them why Billy Brit has been removed from YouTube. My money’s on a vast left-wing conspiracy of political correctness, or a ballsy statement about their taking their ball and going home (days before an election) because they had already ‘won’.

Enjoy the only surviving* Billy Brit here or here if you haven’t alerady. Oh, and thanks to everybody who chipped in (on Twitter especially).

[Tut. How is it that I bring about the closure of entire BNP YouTube channel, but I can’t even get Iain Dale to apologise for being a total (expletive deleted) about my harassment case?]

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