Nadine Dorries: still a shameless liar

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 7, 2010

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Nadine Dorries has decided to stand for Chair of the Health Select Committee.

No, really.

And she is now distributing begging letters to other MPs seeking votes/support.

I say letters, because I hear of a variation of this letter published by Tom Watson sent to female MPs that includes a repeated pitch about the need to get a woman in this position, and I suspect that newer MPs will receive yet another version (not unlike this letter [more]) that helpfully guides n00bs through the tricky process of making up their own minds.

Now, there’s a lot that’s wrong about the case that Dorries makes for herself, but if I start picking at every thread in this latest web of lies, deceits and delusions we could be here all day. Instead, allow me to point out the single, bold lie at the very beginning of her letter:

“I have never held any front bench ambition” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Not only do I know this to be a lie, but I can prove it… because Dorries was singing an altogether different tune in this interview (from happier times) in the Telegraph:

“If we were in government and David didn’t give me a front bench position, I would barricade myself inside his office until he did.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Nadine Dorries is a liar. Fact.

UPDATE – Chris Paul does the honours with a fleet-footed fisking

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