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Posted by Tim Ireland at July 5, 2011

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I can’t imagine there’ll be much to be proud of in the upcoming issue of News of the World (see: ‘Missing Milly Dowler’s voicemail was hacked’), especially if Rebekah Brooks/Wade is allowed to continue as chief executive at News International, an organisation that has pledged to investigate illegal acts undertaken under her editorship… illegal acts undertaken by a man who was paid the kind of money most editors make it their business to know about.

So I have been going through this list of recent NotW advertisers and making a personal short list based on my own shopping habits. Where I am a customer, I ask the company the following question via the email address for their press or customer relations office (which is typically one of the few in the public domain):

Simple question: Will you be advertising in the next issue of News of the World (10 July 2011)?

If they do intend to advertise or won’t say, I will go on to advise them of my intentions (and reasons) regarding a boycott of their company (for a period that will be influenced substantially by their attitude to the query).

Mine is a short list, but my intention to boycott any brand that subsequently advertises in the 10 July issue is sincere, and I think realistic and reasonable.

It should be abundantly clear that no good can come of any commercial association with this upcoming issue of News of the World when News International refuse to even acknowledge Rebekah Brooks’ ultimate responsibility (i.e. according to standards she demands from others). There can be no genuine contrition without Brooks meeting up to her own damn standards.


  1. madaxeman says

    Brooks is not really the point here – I want to see a criminal conviction – and I want to see a penalty with a serious deterrence…

    But yes, while that's being sorted out, I want Brooks to resign in the meantime. But she won't.

  2. Barney says

    Radio 4 just said Ford (top of the list) is withdrawing advertising from the NotW until they've explained themselves. Well done, those who have started this!

  3. Jimmy says

    I agree. Brooks is not the issue and you risk playing into their hands by allowing them to scapegoat her and move on. She’s no more or less guilty in this than many others. the problem is clearly wider.

    Incidentally do you think there is any possibility that considerations of taste will inhibit a certain MP from blogging some fatuous comparison between her situation and this?

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Relax. This is but a single step on a longer journey. A quiet negotiation between me and a few of my suppliers.

  4. Eamonn says

    Boycott ALL of Murdoch 's companies. Well done Ford, I hope this is the start, he can't get away with this !!!

  5. David says

    I'm giving up on buying the Sunday Times every week (which, looking back was just a habit anyway….) and I am now going to switch to Sunday Telegraph. I hope Murdoch and Co. get their just deserts….!!!!

  6. says

    I have always avoided any Murdoch products. I just spoke with my local newsagents, asking them whether they would refuse to stock and sell any NoW papers this Sunday. We should all refuse to buy it but, perhaps, the retailers should get on board too.

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