God(s) Save the Queen: British national anthem lyrics for non-Christians

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 9, 2012

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As a public service during the Olympics I am publishing the lyrics that I use each time the band plays ‘God Save the Queen’; it is suitable for agnostics, atheists, and even people of alternative faiths (i.e. so they can call on their alleged god to save our glorious Queen for the very first time ever).

For spontaneity, ask every deity;
‘God(s) save the Queen’.
Brahma & Ek Onkar,
Odin & Zeus & Ra,
Yahweh, Baal, Arinna;
God(s) Save the Queen!

(Obviously, there are other deities not listed here that are alleged to have the same magic-monkey superpowers from which all authority stems, but they just weren’t omnipotent enough to direct my mind to include them.)

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  1. Fred Cairns says

    Well done, Tim! As a practicing Pagan (member of the Pagan Federation) and regular performer of the Pagan version of "Gimme that Old Time Religion" I welcome this alternative version. Never mind the particular gods, it's the spirit and intention that counts. I will definitely be singing this.

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