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I was a music video DJ for about a decade, starting in the late 80s. I’ve been mixing video to music on and off since, and over time I’ve discovered the joy of finding music that matches up entirely to unrelated footage without edits. I’ve since expanded it into a new feature-length art form I call ‘FM’ (‘Featuring Music’ or, if you prefer: ‘Faux Musical’).

Much like Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack project for 1927’s ‘Metropolis’ in the 80s, ‘FM’ describes the process of adding a back-to-back pop/rock soundtrack to an entire film, only in this case, all of the music has to match the theme, mood and multiple visual beats of a scene and work in, under, around or over existing dialogue, ambient noise, and occasional orchestral swells/stings… without editing the film, and without editing the song(s). Entire songs are arranged back-to-back and play throughout the film, with only very short/occasional breaks for key moments/dialogue.

My first film project was Star Wars FM. It starts like if Dark Side of the Moon really did line up with the Wizard of Oz (in space) and ends like Top Gun (in space).

I first performed this as you might expect a DJ to: by mixing the two soundtracks live for the benefit of an audience while the film’s vision played on a big screen.

During lockdown, I mixed a shareable proof-of-concept for Star Wars FM and also programmed music for The Empire Strikes Back FM and Return of the Jedi FM.

I know you’re not going to let me mention all of that and not deliver a sample, so here’s ONE song from ‘Star Wars FM’/#StarWarsFM

But if we can move on to the main Christmas business at hand: you are here today to hear about a special treat I have cooked up for you based on an entirely different movie.

A Christmas movie!


12 Days Of Die Hard

The 12 Days Of Die Hard start on 13 December and end on 24 December (Christmas Eve).

After that, you can get the ordinary bog-standard 12 Days of Christmas from your usual providers. (Watch out for the ‘bird’ days; they are a right bastard.)

For every day of the 12 Days Of Die Hard I will be on Twitter evangelising about why Die Hard is so obviously a Christmas film and showing off short clips from my proof-of-concept for the pop and rock soundtrack musical version of that same film:

Die Hard FM: A Christmas Miracle

Yes, of course the soundtrack is 100% Christmas music.

How could it be otherwise? Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

I’m on Twitter at @bloggerheads, I will be kicking off on Sunday 13 December with a fresh clip every day until Christmas Eve, and making relevant updates on this post.

Throughout, I will be using the hashtags #DieHardFM & #12DaysOfDieHard and reaching out to legends like @StevenEdeSouza in an effort to gain the blessing of any/all concerned in the hopes that one day ‘Die Hard FM: A Christmas Miracle’ can actually exist as a legitimate edit and everybody can enjoy a musical machine-gun Christmas with ho-ho-hos all round.

If I make any progress on that front, you better believe I will be making further updates on this post.

Hey, while you’re here and waiting on those updates: DeVoreaux Sefas White aka Argyle The Limo Driver is on Twitter and deserves more followers. Maybe you can wish him a Merry Christmas and pay your respects while you’re there: ‘Dae’ brought you joy through his performance in this unique Christmas movie, and saying thank you costs nothing.

The ‘Die Hard’ clips start Sunday (13 December). Be ready.

I am delighted to report that it was on Day 3 of the 12 Days of Die Hard that I earned a round of applause from screenwriting legend Steven E. de Souza.

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