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Duncan Sandes and the diddled Western Morning News poll

Independent – Pandora: Tory press office in a spin over poll fix: To coincide with Cameron’s holiday in Padstow, the Western Morning News ran an online poll this week to find out whether locals thought Cameron would make a good … Continue reading

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Man plugs news of leaks… film at eleven

Justin is now blogging about Nuclear Power for Greenpeace. You might want to take a wee step back and seek some cover. (Over the horizon and into a lead-lined fridge should do it.)

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A question regarding identity and equity

Can anyone think of circumstances where it would be fair for a publisher/contributor to issue any comment likely to effect someone’s reputation without staking their own* reputation on it? Also, should anyone expect to be taken seriously as a publisher … Continue reading

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Iain Dale’s idea of self regulation

“I’d be interested in your views on this. In my view, self regulation works perfectly well. I someone makes a complaint to me about an abusive comment – or something I have writen which they believe is incorrect or offensive … Continue reading

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Red hot knitwear catalogue action

Another pleasant surprise for your eyes, courtesy of one of London’s leading tart carders. I didn’t have a camera on me when I spotted this one, and so had to pocket it for later reference. My apologies if the fold … Continue reading

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David Cameron is a moron

Evening Standard – Moment David Cameron became a victim of crime: He had chained up his bike in Portobello Road, less than a mile from his home, as he went into a supermarket to buy salad for dinner. However, when … Continue reading

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I support Dave Walker

As Matt Warman notes under comments over at D-Notice, this issue highlighted in detail yesterday by Unity is in need of a ‘quick guide’, so I’m using his interim version here as an introduction… In a nutshell, a long running … Continue reading

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SOCPA stumbles off the books

SOCPA isn’t officially dead (yet), but – according to rikki, at least – it is effectively dead: Indymedia – SOCPA Is Dead And Buried: towards the end of the proceedings, the judge closed the case without allowing barbara to sum … Continue reading

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Hypersensitive links

The first incarnation of the Sun-Watch project is coming along nicely and will rumble into action shortly. Right now, I’m quietly going from invite to invite and making sure that each of our editors is happy in their work. While … Continue reading

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Who in the Bush administration faces prosecution for what?

Not that anyone will actually go to prison, of course. That would be silly. But it’s nice to dream and informative diagrams are fun to play with: Slate – Crimes and Misdemeanors

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