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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 31, 2008

Category: Australian Music, The Political Weblog Movement

1. If you scroll down to a previous entry, you will note that it has been updated with the latest email sent to Donal Blaney.

2. I didn’t want to spark anything uncontrolled under that, but the subject of Donal Blaney has popped up in this alternative thread. This will be permitted, so long as everyone remains sensible.

3. Yes, I have noticed that – while his lawyer is passing top-secret threats in red crayon – Paul Staines is remaining awfully quiet about this on his ‘Guido Fawkes’ blog. He can’t let his readers know that someone has managed to dent his cool, Fonz-like exterior.

4. Another song* for Paul, it’s called “Greg! The Stop Sign!!”:

TISM: Greg! The Stop Sign!!

(*Sorry, but I couldn’t find a decent version of “You’re Not Singing Anymore!”)

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 30, 2008

Category: Australian Music

Ths one’s a ripper, and a personal favourite. I reckon Charlotte Church could pull off a whopper of a cover if she had a mind to.


Electric Pandas – Big Girls

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 23, 2007

Category: Australian Music, The War on Stupid

Independent – Howard rocked by smear scandal as defeat looms: John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister, was fighting for his political life yesterday as details emerged of an attempt by senior members of his Liberal Party to smear the opposition Labour Party and whip up anti-Muslim feeling in a key marginal seat.

You’ll want to read that article in full. It describes what is more or less an offline sock-puppeting… and yes, someone (you’ll never guess from which side) plays the ‘stalker’ card.


Good luck today, Australia. Have a schooner for me when* that little cockroach Howard – who has been surviving and thriving on dirty politics for more than 20 years – finally gets Baygon-ed.

(*So I’m an optimist. Sue me. In fact, I’m even going to lay on a happy song, just for the hell of it. Be warned that this music video contains both pigs and humans.)

UPDATE (24 Nov) – BBC – Labor claims Australia poll win: The Labor Party has claimed victory in Australia’s election, after early vote counts suggested Prime Minister John Howard had lost his parliamentary seat.

Ooooh… I bet hope that stings. OK, time for a really, really, really happy song.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 6, 2007

Category: Australian Music

Here’s a tune by a band called Supergroove. They’re from New Zealand, which makes this Australasian as opposed to Australian, but that’s near enough for good enough.

The song is You Gotta Know. Ignore the video (which is a poor copy of an inferior version) and focus on that wonderful funk…

(Psst! I indulged in some 2012 Olympics logo nonsense today, too. Not once, but twice.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 5, 2007

Category: Australian Music

Scotch has just chipped in with the Doug Anthony All Stars singing Throw Your Arms Around Me.

(See also: the original video/single release by Hunters & Collectors, a live version by the song’s author Mark Seymour, plus a live version by Mark Seymour and Pearl Jam. Those wishing to worship Mark Seymour should start here.)


One cannot mention DAAS without acknowledging their greatest contribution to music… this lovely song about the intimate moments a man likes to share with his canine friends (featuring totally NSFW lyrics).

If Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul were worth a music video, this would have been the soundtrack.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 4, 2007

Category: Australian Music

I. Am. On. The. Final. Leg.

Unfortunately, the final leg of Blair’s farewell video is the leg with a teeny-tiny gap in the script… and there’s still a missing dance sequence to sort out after that.

End of the week might be pushing it… but I’ll be pressing on like a madman to get there before then.

Here’s some more Australian music to tide you over; a lovely song from Goanna. Enjoy:

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2007

Category: Australian Music

Halfway through Part II, folks. Have some music while you wait:

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