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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 9, 2004

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Spot the offensive imageThe Sun prepares you for a full red mist this morning with a kick-arse front page, letting you know that Christmas is under attack from “meddling politically correct jobsworths.” In case you’re not sure what this really means, today’s Page 3 girl spells it out for you…

Krystle (21, from Manchester) reckons political correctness ruins the Christmas spirit. She says: “Loony lefties who try to spoil Christmas should be banned. They all just seem to enjoy making other people miserable.”

There you are. Loony lefties. We hate Christmas, and anything else that brings you joy or comfort. We should be banned. Or perhaps shot.

This Sun story echoes concerns voiced in the Moonie Times, but – because the media is overrun with leftist scum, if you actually take the time to look into this story, you’ll see that most other news outlets focus on the celebrity nativity-scene stunt at Madame Tussauds.

Look, here’s more at MSNBC!

That’s 141 stories to 2, folks. Curse the liberal-media!


Posted by Tim Ireland at November 5, 2004

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

First off; why are we doing this?

Well, I said before the US election that – even if Bush lost – the main problem would remain… Murdoch. Even if we hound Blair out of office, this same problem remains here, too. We’re left with a choice of ‘leaders’ in league with Murdoch or leaders who are crippled by constant attacks from Murdoch.

First draft of logoI tried to explain the scale of this to my 9-year-old son last night. The guts of the exchange went as follows:

If someone wants more than 5 television stations, if they get satellite TV, what company do they use?
Murdoch owns it. How many different newspapers do you see down at the newsagent each day?
About eight.
Close enough. Murdoch owns two of them. And because of something known as the ‘echo effect’, what he pushes forward often reaches four or five others. What’s Dad’s favourite movie?
Star Wars
Guess what?
Murdoch owns it?
You got it. What’s my favourite TV show?
M*A*S*H…. or The Simpsons. Which one does he own?
(pause) Wow. And you’re going to fight this guy?
I’m going to do what I can.
(laugh) Good luck!



Posted by Tim Ireland at November 3, 2004

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Four. More. Years.Put it aside. Put it aside and focus on what needs to be done. We appear to have four years of hard work ahead of us, and we simply can’t afford to roll over.

It would appear that many Americans have difficulty telling the difference between someone who *is* a good president and someone who is (sometimes) very good at playing the role of president.

All issues of legality aside, the Iraq war not only served as a massive distraction from the fight against terrorism, it also aided existing terrorists and encouraged further terrorism.

Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib played a massive, massive role here.

Take a look this; it’s been on my mind lately and I’ve talked/emailed a few of you about it…

Abu Ghraib photos cause gasps in Congress: More
than 1,800 images, including video clips, were screened by members of the House and Senate in separate classified briefings under Pentagon supervision. The lawmakers disagreed over whether or not the images should be made public, but reaction to the content was vehement.

As DailyKos quite rightly asks; Where is the outrage?


Posted by Tim Ireland at October 17, 2003

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

I personally consider The Sun’s ‘Shop a Yob’ campaign to be obscene.

I also found it interesting that they’ve found the perfect poster child in Michael Carroll.

I bet I can name someone richer than Michael who does more damage to society. On a daily basis.

You should read up on Sun editor Rebekah Wade a bit, too. A dangerous woman in a very influential position.

‘Shop a Yob’ angered me so much that I simply had to make the following posters as therapy.

You can get yourself a large copy for your home or workplace by clicking on any sample below.

Download, display and enjoy.

UPDATE (30th Oct 2003) – The Sun’s Shop a Yob campaign is not only disgraceful, it’s a shameless rip-off.

Hmm. Hard to know who to root for on this one.

Andrew Parkes is the editor of News Shopper, which has been running its own Shop a Yob campaign for almost two years, and he had this to say: “If The Sun is serious about joining with us in our fight to identify and shame the scum of our society then I welcome them.”

Poster 1 – Rebekah Wade

Click here to see large version in new window

Poster 2 – Rupert Murdoch

Click here to see large version in new window

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