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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 6, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Purveyor of porn derides participant in ‘porn shoot’ shocker.

UPDATE – IOL – Lady McCartney denies ‘hard core porn’ claims: The lawyers said the photos, which appeared in today’s Sun, and which showed Lady McCartney in various poses with an unidentified male model, were taken for a “lover’s guide” and were not part of what the paper claimed was her “filthy past”.

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 23, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Martin Rosenbaum, the latest BBC blogger, may want to cast an eye over this:

Independent – No 10 refuses to release details of Blair’s dealings with Murdoch: A reader of The Independent, who tried to obtain details of “communications, correspondence and minutes” between Mr Blair, his advisers and Mr Murdoch since 1997, was first told that it would be too expensive to provide under the guidelines of the 2000 Act. When he narrowed down his request to cover a one-year period, he was told that the information would not be released anyway.

Just one reason why we’re not pissing about with an FOI request as we follow the money over at Backing Blair.

(Right… enough chit-chat… back to the data.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 22, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Independent: Mr Cameron last week found a way to attend after Rebekah Wade, editor of the Labour-supporting Sun newspaper, invited the Tory leader as her guest. He and his wife Samantha will sit with Ms Wade and her husband, the EastEnders actor Ross Kemp.

Daily Mail: David Cameron and his wife Samantha wangled an invite – on a table hosted by Sun editor Rebekah Wade and husband Ross Kemp. Accepting the offer is likely to lead to criticism that the Tory leader is cosying up to tabloid editors – and is happy to be seen at celebrity events.

Guardian: Cameron’s decision to wangle a ticket through the “friend-of-a-friend” route (editor of the Sun, Rebekah Wade, and her husband, the soap star Ross Kemp helped out) puzzled onlookers who displayed high standards in their celebrity spotting. “He shouldn’t be there – it’s not that kind of day,” said Tracey Green, 41, from beneath her umbrella.

Showing off the new bitch are we, Rebekah?

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 19, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Hey, gang! I’ve got just enough time to drop the following bombshell on you… Murdoch’s minions are pro-nuke!

The main thing I want to show you is this article from yesterday’s Sun by Trevor Kavanagh, but while poking around looking for an online version (instead of a scan), I also found the following:

The Scum – Nuclear power? Yes please: It now seems certain that Britain will give the go-ahead next summer to a new generation of nuclear power stations. The Sun welcomes this. The nation faces a long-term energy crisis, and we have been dithering too long. Gas generates almost half our energy. But North Sea reserves are running out and we can’t depend on European suppliers to help us. That leaves us relying on potentially unstable parts of the world like the former Soviet Union. At the same time, fears over global warming mean we must cut our dependence on fossil fuels like gas, coal and oil, which spew out carbon dioxide. Until now, the Government has argued that renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are the answer. But they’re not. The wind doesn’t blow all the time – and even when it does it fails to produce the power we need. That’s leaving aside the horrendous scars wind turbines leave on our beautiful countryside. So nuclear power is back on the agenda. The anti-nuclear brigade – including the Greenpeace activists who disgracefully attempted to silence the PM yesterday – say nuclear is not the answer because of safety issues and the waste it creates. They forget that nuclear technology has moved on since Britain’s first atomic power stations were built in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and that new stations would create less waste. They also ignore the fact that working or living close to coal mines has killed more people than working or living near nuclear power stations ever has. Britain needs new nuclear power stations. Otherwise we face power rationing and blackouts in the years ahead. Doing nothing is not an option.

And just in case you have any lingering doubts, take a look at how well things work out when it all goes wrong (while remembering, of course, that nothing could ever go wrong in a modern nuclear power station)…

The Scum – ‘Mutant’ children are best: The Chernobyl nuclear disaster has spawned a generation of ‘mutant’ super-brainy children. Kids growing up in areas damaged by radiation from the plant have a higher IQ and faster reaction times, say Russian doctors. They are also growing faster and have stronger immune systems. Radiation from the Ukrainian Chernobyl plant swept the globe and affected more than seven million people. Professor Vladimir Mikhalev from Bryansk State University, has tracked the health of youngsters growing up in areas hit by the fallout since the 1986 accident. He compared their mental agility and health to those in unaffected areas and found they came out top in tests. The kids had been exposed to radiation in the atmosphere and their food supply.

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 16, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

12 May – The Scum – Time to stop the madness: The Sun today launches a proud campaign to put an end to the human rights madness that is horrifying the country. We applaud David Cameron for pledging that the Tories would tear up crazy human rights laws, and we urge Tony Blair to get on and do it while he remains in power. The whole concept of “human rights” in Britain has become a travesty under which the interests of killers, rapists and paedophiles are placed above those of their victims. Law abiding citizens must walk in fear while “human rights” give their assailants the freedom of the streets. Convicted thugs and murderers are set free too soon after derisory sentences. Yet what is prison for, but to keep those who wish us harm locked away? It is absurd for judges to shelter Afghan terrorists who hijack an aircraft at gunpoint. It is scandalous that a dangerous rapist is freed from prison to kill because his human rights had been infringed. But it is also ridiculous for Tony Blair to attack these decisions as an “abuse of common sense”. Stupid as the rulings may be, judges are simply doing what they are told. It was New Labour that enshrined the EU Human Rights Convention into British law – against advice. It was Mr Blair – urged on by his human rights lawyer wife – who refused calls for existing laws of the land to take precedence. Now Mr Blair is paying the price. Voters are reacting to hideous crimes committed by thugs who should be behind bars. And they are shocked by news that hundreds of criminals are on the loose instead of being deported as promised. It is a tragic day when “rights” has become a dirty word. But Mr Blair has the chance to put things right – not just for the country but also for his reputation. He can reverse Labour’s mistake of 1998 and dismantle the Human Rights Act, putting Britain’s courts back in charge of British interests. Along with his public services reform agenda, this would be a solid and worthwhile legacy before he leaves Downing Street. The Sun will continue to expose human rights madness wherever we see it. But what we want to see most of all is our Prime Minister taking the action all Britain is crying out for.

Note the deliberate blurring of the very clear line between the Human Rights Act and the recent managerial/administrative cock-ups at the Home Office (in which the Human Rights Act did not play a role). Shami Chakrabarti says it best: Amending our human rights act because of gross public service failures is like handing a repeat burglar the key to your house. Without the act, ordinary people in Britain would have precious little protection from maladministration.”

But Murdoch won’t be happy until we’re all locked up 24/7 in our own private booths. Coin-operated, of course. As for the assertion that ‘all Britain is crying out for action’, well…

13 May – The Scum – 35,000 back Sun on human rights: Thousands of Sun readers have voted to scrap the Human Rights Act. Nearly 35,000 rang our You The Jury hotline within 24 hours to back our call for an end to the interests of killers, rapists and paedophiles coming ABOVE those of victims. The crazy legislation has led to many dangerous criminals being freed to re-offend. Others have used the barmy laws to gain perks and pay-outs. Last night the Government was trying to wriggle out of the shambles. PM Tony Blair and Home Secretary John Reid raised the prospect the law may have to be tightened. But the rattled pair tried to blame judges for Labour’s bungle in introducing the 1998 Act. Mr Reid admitted: “What people want is a fair system fairly and competently administered. There’s doubt in recent weeks whether these are being applied.” The PM’s official spokesman added: “In terms of the operation of the Act, in terms of the interpretation – those are matters on which the Government has said we will make sure public concerns are addressed – and we will.” But The Sun has stepped in with its campaign to end the madness. This month it emerged a man wanted for the murder of WPC Sharon Beshenivsky should have been deported but was released to protect HIS rights. Emails supporting The Sun campaign flooded in. Just 223 readers in our poll have voted ‘No’.

You may remember that the Sun has played this numbers game before. You may even be touched that – this time around – there is actually a ‘no’ vote in this poll. But you should also be aware that Rebekah Wade is telling porkies. The online version of this article also feature an online poll asking; SHOULD THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT BE AXED?

Until yesterday, when you voted in that poll it also showed you the current results. Not any more. And I think you can guess why, even without this screengrab:

But, as we all know, it’s not what the public wants that counts… it’s what Murdoch wants…

The Scum – Cameron vows to axe Act
The Guardian – Cameron calls for repeal of Human Rights Act
BBC – Tory pledge to scrap Human Rights Act
Independent – Cameron threatens to scrap Human Rights Act

Just before the local elections, Blair and Clarke went all out against liberal columnists who dared to suggest they were too authoritarian. The rights of Brian Haw were waved in our faces (before being removed a few short days after the election) as was the Human Rights Act. And guess what? Yes, now that’s on the way out, too…

Observer – Revealed: Blair attack on human rights law: Tony Blair is planning a radical overhaul of Britain’s controversial human rights legislation after claims that the present laws put the rights of criminals above those of victims. In a move which brought immediate criticism from human rights’ experts, the Prime Minister wants the government to have the power to override court rulings. Blair unveiled his plans in a letter to the new Home Secretary, John Reid, in which he set out his ‘most urgent policy tasks’. Legal experts and civil liberties groups accused Blair of playing politics with fundamental rights. The Observer has obtained a copy of the letter, which says it is essential to ‘ensure the law-abiding majority can live without fear’.

Here’s the condensed version of events for those with a short attention span:

12 May – The Sun: “Law abiding citizens must walk in fear while ‘human rights’ give their assailants the freedom of the streets.”

13 May – Tony Blair: Changes to the Human Rights Act are essential to “ensure the law-abiding majority can live without fear”.

It’s pretty clear who is dancing to whose tune here.

Blair can be forgiven the odd delusion, but he’s not doing himself – or us – any favours by refusing the leave the bunker and forming policy on the basis of a few tabloid headlines. And – contrary to what he might think, hope or wish – there is no way he’ll win Murdoch back while there’s a risk Brown will take office. If anything, he’s made matters worse. Murdoch and Wade have tasted blood, and today they go in for the kill with an open threat:

The Scum – Time for action on rights chaos: Tony Blair is right to say the human rights laws need “rebalancing”. But it’s time for the Prime Minister to stop talking and start acting. Mr Blair is rightly outraged over the catalogue of rapes and murders by thugs who have been set free early from their sentences. And he is surprised that Afghan hijackers cannot be deported. Mr Blair should not be surprised. These scandals did not come out of a clear blue sky. The laws which allow them were enacted by Mr Blair’s Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine – in the face of what the PM now calls “common sense”. They were backed by his QC wife, Cherie, a human rights lawyer. And they are still defended by his current Lord Chancellor, Charlie Falconer. But this is not a time for apportioning blame, as the Tories have sought to do, or for political point-scoring. It’s too important for that. We need to recognise and admit that mistakes have been made, both by the lawmakers and by those who interpret the laws. And we need to set about putting this scandalous situation right as soon as humanly possible. Mr Blair seems at a loss what to do. We have some suggestions. [ED – we had a feeling you might] First and foremost, he MUST tear up the act enshrining the EU convention in British law. If he is afraid of Brussels, he MUST at least demand opt-outs from its worst clauses. In addition, he MUST abolish rules that set violent criminals free after half their sentences. If, as he says, rogue judges are to blame, he MUST name and shame and – where necessary – suspend them. He MUST end privacy rights for hardened criminals and allow their IDs to be published on the internet. The Prime Minister said yesterday: “The demands of the majority of the law-abiding community have to take precedence.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. There is no higher priority for any government than protecting the public. This legal farce has been going on too long, and Mr Blair’s time in Downing Street is finite. He needs to get a grip… And soon.

Murdoch has always wanted Britain out of the EU. He (and his editors) also tend to foam at the mouth over the Human Rights Act. Just a little.

Right now the latter is being put into position as a wedge to begin our separation from the former… and Blair’s skull is being used as the hammer.

It looks to me as if the leadership question has finally been settled. Murdoch won.

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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 1, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Sorry Piers, but we already have a best-selling children’s newspaper (complete with a picture of Mummy’s milk-jugs on Page 3). Speaking of this rag (and those boobs) here’s Matthew Norman on Murdoch’s Turn and some developments he may have missed.

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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 26, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The latest issue of Private Eye (1157) reports that Rupert Murdoch has – after a decade or so of dodging – finally paid some tax in this country. They report: The recently filed accounts at Companies House for his British holding company, News Corp Investments, reveal that Murdoch’s UK business paid 52 million pounds in corporation tax for the year ended 30 June 2004 and 48.9 million pounds in 2003.

PS – I still want my meeting with Ian Hislop.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 26, 2006

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, Tony 'King Blair

Rebekah Wade lets fly... againI want you to look that this from the following point of view….

For many years now, the Sun newspaper as operated shamelessly as a mouthpiece for Downing Street… up to and including propaganda on Page 3.

Recently, that changed.

(If you’re new here, you may want to read the latter link for added background on placement of said propaganda and editorial priorities.)

Currently, many of Murdoch’s newspapers, rather than pushing Blair’s message and/or soft-pedalling bad news, are actually targeting the carotid artery (1, 2).

So those who think they are still dealing with the invincible Blair of yesteryear really should take a close look at editor Rebekah Wade’s total commitment to a kill-shot this morning (front page, double-page spread, page 3, lead editorial *and* cartoon) and know that his days are numbered.

Today, Page 3 stunna Ami (19, from Birmingham) is ‘outraged’ that so many foreign criminals were left to roam the streets instead of being reported and ‘says’: “It really is a shocking state of affairs. Sun readers will be absolutely furious. How can you possibly feel safe?”

The editorial – right down to the headline – is pretty unequivocal…

The Scum – Clarke must go: HUNDREDS of ex-cons who should have been kicked out of Britain are loose on our streets – and police haven’t a clue where to find them. They include three murderers, nine rapists and five child sex fiends. Others were banged up for manslaughter, thuggery, drugs and robbery. All were candidates for deportation. A flushed and sweating Charles Clarke admits people are entitled to be “concerned, possibly angry”. That’s not good enough. People are entitled to the Home Secretary’s resignation – or instant dismissal for rank negligence. Incredibly, 288 criminals have gone missing since he was first warned about the crisis. Labour’s “tough on crime” boast is a joke. Key staff do not talk to each other. As a result, dangerous hardmen are rated “low risk” and set free to kill and rape again by officials who don’t read their records. Probation staff – when they are not off sick – can’t be bothered to keep tabs. Now, almost by accident, we learn hundreds of foreign crooks have disappeared without trace. Mr Clarke, the government’s “Captain Chaos”, shrugs it off as a communications breakdown. But there is a theme to these government “blind spots”. Ministers are desperate to avoid enraging the Left by cracking down on illegals. Deportations are rare. Yet jails are bursting at the seams because 10,000 inmates – one in eight of all prisoners – are foreign-born, most of them asylum cheats. Is it possible the Government would prefer killers to disappear without trace rather than be seen loading them on the next plane home? The Home Secretary insists he is not in the “blame game”. Well, we ARE. And we blame YOU, Mr Clarke.

I remain determined to see Rupert Murdoch’s shrivelled arse nailed to a wall and Rebekah Wade’s poisonous tongue tied to a moving vehicle, but today the primary message is that Blair can no longer rely on Murdoch’s newspapers to maintain the grand illusion. He is finished.

UPDATE (27th April) – more below the fold:


Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

The Scum – Did you see site collapse?: Did you see the Milton Keynes building collapse or do you have any pictures? A number of people are thought to be trapped after 15 storeys of scaffolding fell down. We want to hear from you if you were at the scene. Email us at or call our newsdesk on 0207 782 4104.

Go on, go for it! They might send you a free Page 3 calendar!

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 6, 2006

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Sheik Invaders (featuring featuring Mazher Mahmood, aka The Fake Sheik)

UPDATE (4:15pm) – Guardian – NoW admits defeat on ‘fake sheikh’ pictures: Pictures of News of the World investigative reporter Mazher Mahmood, the so-called “fake sheikh”, can be published from 4pm today, after the paper conceded defeat in its legal bid to prevent their distribution.


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