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Independent: Mr Cameron last week found a way to attend after Rebekah Wade, editor of the Labour-supporting Sun newspaper, invited the Tory leader as her guest. He and his wife Samantha will sit with Ms Wade and her husband, the EastEnders actor Ross Kemp.

Daily Mail: David Cameron and his wife Samantha wangled an invite – on a table hosted by Sun editor Rebekah Wade and husband Ross Kemp. Accepting the offer is likely to lead to criticism that the Tory leader is cosying up to tabloid editors – and is happy to be seen at celebrity events.

Guardian: Cameron’s decision to wangle a ticket through the “friend-of-a-friend” route (editor of the Sun, Rebekah Wade, and her husband, the soap star Ross Kemp helped out) puzzled onlookers who displayed high standards in their celebrity spotting. “He shouldn’t be there – it’s not that kind of day,” said Tracey Green, 41, from beneath her umbrella.

Showing off the new bitch are we, Rebekah?

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