Support the troops! Shoot the messengers! (The Moonbat Gambit)

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A video released at the site has the digital brownshirts in an uproar, and they’re loving every minute of it. I think Peter has a point here… it looks, walks and quacks like a duck *and* there happen to be 167 Elmer Fudds on stand-by to shoot the thing down, so please excuse me for raising an eyebrow.

Pajamas Media has a round-up of links here, but if you want to jump straight to the latest highlight, here’s proof that Jesse Macbeth is a criminal leftist moonbat.

Because that’s how we should be viewing any statement regarding the conduct of our forces in Iraq.

It is never a question of leadership… and God forbid that anything should be the responsibility of the governments that put them in an increasingly impossible situation. No, it is always an attack on the troops by scum fit only to be demonised… because:

a) It presents folks with a fresh/easy target
b) It neatly redirects the focus from those responsible for the mess in Iraq to the troops, because…
c) Anything that does go wrong is the fault of the troops anyway (see: Bad Apples, Operational Difficulties and Tactical – Not Strategic – Errors)
d) Did we mention that this leftist scum isn’t supporting the troops?

This framing also helps to cast all those who opposed the invasion of Iraq as anti-war. Not anti-Iraq-war, but so very, very anti-all-war that we hate all soldiers (so much so that we wish they would all die.)

Ah, yes… hate; another glorious aspect of this gambit.

We are not driven by compassion… because we hate. We are blinded to all practical concerns… by our hate. (Note for the record; this message comes to you from the crowd that is so full of love for their fellow man that they wish to turn large parts of Iran into a parking lot.)

Did anyone catch last night’s Dispatches?

(SIDEBAR: It was fronted by Andrew Gilligan, so 10 points goes to the first person who spots a wingnut rubbishing/dismissing the evidence in this programme by proclaiming that Gilligan was ‘disgraced’ over his claims of sexed-up dossiers and/or that Channel 4 has a blatant anti-war bias. This, of course, brings to mind the ‘shoot the messenger’ and ‘alienate at all costs’ aspect of this ploy, that is best understood by watching Lowell Ponte react to Neil Young singing “Let’s impeach the president for lying, and leading our country into war” by asking why this Canadian-born singer dares to use the words ‘our’ and ‘country’ in close proximity.)

In this latest programme (‘Battle Fatigue’), we saw evidence that Geoff Hoon misled the House as part of the government’s ongoing attempts to hide troops casualty figures from the public. We also learned that the government is neglecting wounded troops, and using extremely heavy-handed methods to stop their stories from entering the public domain. But it’s hard to keep such things a secret from those active in the military; people who know exactly what it means when one of their number is thrown to the wolves.

In such circumstances, you would expect a down-turn in recruitment figures, but – happily for all concerned – you’re not going to see evidence of this downturn while the government is lowering recruitment targets so they can claim to be meeting them. Meanwhile the troops we do have are overworked as a result, and – in some cases – returned for a further tour of Iraq even if they aren’t medically/physically/mentally fit for such duty.

But by pointing this out, I do not seek to support the troops… it should be quite obvious by now that I hate them. Because I’m a traitorous leftist conspiracy-hungry soap-dodging, work-shy, drug-addled moonbat.

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