Tony Blair: it’s hard to keep a grip when you’re several leagues from reality

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Scant attention (1, 2) has been paid to this exchange in the Commons, highlighted here, by Blair watch:

David Cameron: … the Prime Minister will not even address the fact that he is losing the support of his party. He lives in a world best summed up by the analysis given to him about his local election results by the No. 10 planning committee. The leaked report said that:

“people were angry with Tony because they love him so much, and they are angry because they think he might go”.

I think that that is what they call the view from the bunker.

Further evidence of this struggle to avoid reality can be seen here and – more recently – here.

Tony Blair also seemed to be blissfully unaware of his government’s ongoing attempts to silence Brian Haw when he used that man’s presence in Parliament Square as ‘evidence’ of his ‘liberalism’…. and this link provides yet further evidence of our PM’s sensitivity to and/or ever-increasing distance from reality (warning: contains an upsetting image, but it’s something you may want to get upset about).

Here’s a summary of the exchange that took place last Wednesday:

– Police arrive and confiscate Brain Haw’s hand-held bell. The reasons they give for doing so range from “because I can” and “orders from the Chief Inspector” (when the Chief Inspector was finally asked just what the hell was going on, he informed Brain that that the police had acted in order to “prevent the bell being used as a potential missile”).

– “Because I can”… I’d rate that right up there with “What do you think?” and “If I perceive it’s becoming a demonstration, I shall come and let you know.” How about that?” for sheer childishness, but it’s about to get better…

– Early on in this exchange, Officer CW133 caught his finger on a sharp edge within the bell. Police then used this as an excuse to hold on to the bell saying they were now keeping it as evidence. What was Officer CW133 doing rummaging around inside the bell in the first place? Well…

– When police finally returned the bell at 3pm, it was found that the clapper inside had been removed, thus rendering the bell silent. The police apologised for this and didn’t know where it had gone. But I think I might have a clue…

Justice and democracy at work

– And if you’re thinking it couldn’t get any more childish… this entry speaks volumes: (At around 11:30am) the officer states “YOU CAN HAVE THE BELL BACK IN 6 MINUTES”. and then Tony Blair arrives, passing by in his car to face Question Time in the House.

Yes folks, that’s right… Big Baby Blair is afraid of bells. He is far too sensitive to have his eardrums assaulted before facing questions in the House.


And – in one of those fantastic coincidences that makes life so very interesting – on the very day that Tony Blair is in Iraq to proudly announce that we have turned yet another corner (witlessly/selfishly undermining Nuri al-Maliki in the process), the police he is currently using as his personal perception-control team turn up at Brian Haw’s encampment at 2.35am and trash the place.

Haw’s official site reports that; Brian’s display was removed in a night time operation with 50 police officers. At 2.45 this morning they turned up and started to load a container with all the placards and banners and almost all of Brian’s personal possessions. Stuff belonging to supporters who have been down in Parliament Square with him were also taken. Brian has now got only one or two placards and a few personal possessions that he managed to retain. 3 of Brian’s supporters have been arrested – Maria, Barbara and Martin. They are being held at Charing Cross Police Station.

50 police officers… or perhaps as ‘few’ as 25… (UPDATE – No, it was 78!)

OK, let’s start again…

78 police officers!


Only in Blair’s Britain could such a thing as clandestine overkill become possible.

Even the Parliament Square Jamcam has been turned way from the square (and has been facing away from it since… yes, you guessed it… around 2am this morning) so the public can’t see what’s going on without being there themselves… and if they *do* go down there themselves they risk arrest.

How can a man be expected expect to run a country responsibly when he makes decisions based on illusion, not reality?

How can a man dare to call himself a leader when he can’t even face a little criticism?


1. See some pictures of the police in action.

2. Join us for some noise-making at 11am (for 11:30am) Wednesday May 24

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