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Posted by Tim Ireland at November 2, 2005

Category: Guy Fawkes Night, Tony 'King Blair

Blair is built, and only requires a few finishing touches. On Saturday, he burns.

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 2, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Link to follow.

UPDATE – Here you go: BBC – Blunkett resigns from the Cabinet

UPDATE – Shall we get him a going-away present, do you think?

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 31, 2005

Category: Guy Fawkes Night, Tony 'King Blair

Blair's head taking shape

How about that? This *has* been a journey of discovery. I’ve spent many a quiet minute focused on the task of building my Blair Guy, and – as often happens when I focus on a project (professional, political or otherwise) – all sorts of groovy stuff starts falling out of the side of my head.

There is a new animation on the way. Totally new. You will be struck by its newness.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 28, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Burning BlairToday, the bulk of my personal time will be spent on completion of Tony’s head. It’s turning out to be good pre-Fitzmas therapy.

He burns next Saturday.

Join me, do.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 26, 2005

Category: Guy Fawkes Night, Tony 'King Blair

Burning BlairLadies, gentlemen, small boys and girls,

I’ve never felt driven to burn anyone in effigy before, but I would like to invite you to join me on my own personal voyage of discovery as I attempt to burn Tony Blair in effigy this Guy Fawkes night.

I feel this will be an educational, cathartic and ultimately rewarding experience.

Will my local community be fearful of boat-rocking? Does it harbour any fervent Blairites?

What steps will these people take to prevent expression via incineration?

I need to know the answers to these questions almost as much as I need to build a Blair/Guy with my own two hands, watch it take shape and – hopefully – look on in satisfaction as it burns to a cinder.

Watch this space for ongoing reports… and please do join me by building, burning and blogging the results yourself.

Cheers all.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 24, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

“I will pledge 10 pounds to a fund to buy a peerage from Tony Blair but only if 50,000 other people will too.”: Upon reaching the magic figure of 500,000 pounds, a lottery will be held of the names of all those who pledged. The winner will then take a cheque for 500,000 pounds to New Labour headquarters and exhange it for a peerage. That person will agree to be all the other pledgers’ representative in the House of Lords.

Incidentally, the reward for fingering Blair stands at 710 squid.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 19, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

All is well!Can I interest anyone in a million pounds at all?

(Special treat to come, folks. I’m just getting warmed up…)

UPDATE – And here – as promised – is your treat:
Backing Blair VI – Not Over By A Long Shot

Yes folks, a brand new video for Backing Blair. You’ll like this one; it’s full of lovely surprises (just like the months that followed the election).

Labour In. Blair Out.

That was the plan, remember?

The job’s only half-done, matey-peeps. Watch the video, sign the pledge and share the links. Cheers all.

UPDATE – Here, by request, is the text from the closing shot of the video:

There are two ways one can approach Iraq: fix it or leave it alone.

Blair can’t fix it, because he helped to break it.

And he just can’t leave it alone.

We will not be able to get beyond Iraq until someone is held accountible.

We cannot hope to end the cycle of terror until we rid ourselves of those who would treat the threat so rashly as to use it as a shield against criticism, an excuse for ineptitude and a justification for their own crimes against humanity.

We won’t wait forever, Labour. We shouldn’t be waiting at all!

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 28, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Ask Tony at the Labour Party Conference 2005

Well, we know only carefully-worded questions that he has an answer to will be chosen, but perhaps you would care to take part anyway… just to show Tony what’s on the mind of your average urban intellectual.

Here’s my question:

How can you possibly be trusted to deal with an issue as serious as terrorism when your political survival depends on ignoring or denying vital aspects of it (such as Uzbekistan’s use of torture and the part the conflict in Iraq has played in fostering terrorism)?

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 26, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Tony Blair can’t be waited out, or smoked out… he needs to be thrown out.

It’s nothing personal; it’s just that this action needs to be taken to prevent someone else thinking they can take the same actions, make the same bluffs, and get away with it at the end of the day.

Bush Cheney, Blair, Howard; they’re all at it… using the terror boogey-man to justify illegal invasions, detention without trial, torture and the slow but steady decay of civil liberties. (Karimov does exactly the same thing, only with more bullets on the home-front.)

Aznar didn’t get away with it, but he was a small fish (and the same could be said of Howard, I suppose).

The downfall of Blair, on the other hand, would be somewhat harder to spin or ignore.

The greatest act we as a nation could undertake in these uncertain times is to assure the world that we won’t stand for the use of fear as the primary tool of governance.

Oh, and a message for the Brown camp… stop playing Blair’s game or the waiting game or whatever the hell you think you’re up to and show some balls!

The longer Labour takes to sort this mess out (and, yes, it’s been up to you for quite some time) the less likely it is that folks will trust the leadership that follows.

Tony Blair can’t be waited out, or smoked out… He. Needs. To. Be. Thrown. Out.

Even if you only take your own political survival into account.

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 19, 2005

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Hmmmm. A decision made ‘in response to pressing events’ that had actually been planned months in advance. A case made on the basis of a single (flawed and skewed) report. Does anyone else hear bells?

Stephen Byers timeline

A round-up of responses from UK newspapers

BBC – Official denies Railtrack ‘plot’

Telegraph – I did lie over Railtrack but can’t remember why, says Byers

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