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Look before you leap

Congratulations to Sky News, the Telegraph, the Mail, the Mirror and Metro, who all printed the ‘Grand Canyon leap’ photo-story as fact when it was seen and sorted by Snopes years ago. Metro has changed its article this morning; they … Continue reading

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Torygraph goes up to 11

Independent –’s web surge ignites row Guardian – Publishers query Telegraph rise Telegraph – We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!* (*OK, so I’m paraphrasing.) Eyebrows raised in the past by the Telegraph’s past traffic claims here and here. The … Continue reading

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Grab bag

Busy day today. I’m going to pass you over to some other bloggers/items for a bit: 1. Septicisle – Scum-watch: Harassing the evil Islamic terrorist Abdul Muneem Patel: As Sun journalists obviously don’t have anything better to do, they’ve taken … Continue reading

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OMFG! EXCLUSIVE!!: New Idea blows Prince Harry’s cover while Matt Drudge claims the exclusive and compounds the error

By now you’re all aware that Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan (gunning down other human beings in much the same way that most normal people do) and that there was an agreement for it not be reported by … Continue reading

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Finally, the BBC shows some balls…

The Great Architect – Wogan’s Woes Your ‘compare and contrast’ link is here: Media Watch Watch – ‘Bloody Cartoons’ shown on BBC2

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A special treat for anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a “blogs can’t be trusted” cage-rattler from the MSM. Take a look and see how the big boys do it: Bloggerheads: The Alisher Usmanov Affair – Hooray for … Continue reading

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Debra Cagan: Why isn’t this everywhere in the UK? Did I a miss a meeting?

Well, I know I appear to have missed a whopper of a meeting in Washington, but you’ll get what I mean: (Prepare yourselves, darlings; you’ll simply love what she’s wearing… but I should point out that she wore it for … Continue reading

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The BBC: records (broken and otherwise)

CiF: Sunny Hundal – Liberals: abandon the BBC: The bloggers and much of the press won’t be happy until the BBC reflects their worldview without accepting that the whole picture may lie somewhere in the middle, despite their continual hypocrisy. … Continue reading

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OK, let’s have it

Times – Channel 4 in row over mosque film Transcripts, please. Raw footage. All I’m seeing on Channel 4 right now is Krishnan Guru-Murthy acting like Iain Dale. UPDATE – AHAHAHAHAHA! At the close, Krishnan made a point of mentioning … Continue reading

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Writer wrong on the right and wrongs

Oliver Kamm – A parody of democracy (mirror) Blogs are providers not of news but of comment? Sorry, but facts, facts, facts lurk here, despite my also making clear my opinion when I reveal those facts. These facts were not … Continue reading

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