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A few comments came in yesterday and this morning about this YellowTimes article. The best noted quite rightly that it was ‘long on criticism but short on ideas for action.’

I must admit that I’ve been guilty of such articles myself in the past. I should also note for the record that, while I may take the piss from time to time, I don’t think your average American is evil. Just comfortable.

The way the system works, you’re being squeezed and abused to the limit, but thankfully there are plenty of third world countries that can take up the slack and keep those important supplies of coffee, chocolate and designer trainers coming in by the boatload.

If you had the time to ponder on the real cost of your standard of living, I’m sure you’d want to take action, but very little of this information reaches you. A small cartel of media owners with a very similar political agenda to the folks in power controls this flow.

You also have very little time to dwell on such things. As well-off as you may be, you still have to struggle to keep afloat. And there is a war on. This week with Eastasia. (What am I saying? We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!)

I’m not even pretending for a second that America as a country is alone in all of this. The UK wants ever so much to be like you. They used to run the show, remember? Even Australia, that laid-back beacon of the south, is more than happy to bend over backwards to serve the modern money machine. (Actually, truth be told, we tend to bend over forwards, particularly when in comes to the needs of America – who have to give us Aussies a regular ass-fucking from time to time just to remind us that we’re her bitch and that’s the way it’s going to stay.)

Ooh, hasn’t it gone quiet all of a sudden?

Shall we stop for some entertainment?

Very well. Here are Kirk and Spock violating the prime directive. Please enjoy.

That's a load off my mind

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. It’s my birthday.

Having a birthday at this time of year sucks just a little. The combination Christmas/Birthday presents aren’t quite so bad, but everybody is worn out (and usually broke) after Christmas and New Year, so it’s very hard to bring a decent party together.

Bring a party together…


What exactly do your think would solve the dilemma of the two-party system (that has lead to the stagnation of democracy in the US, the UK and Australia)? It seems to me that there are a lot of bright people online who’ve not only learned some long-forgotten lessons in humanity, but also know more about this communications medium than most politicians put together. Erm, except Al Gore, who invented it.

This allows us – potentially – to bypass the ‘free’ press and bring significant change to our little illusion of democracy. If we get our shit together and create the world’s first interactive political party. Hell, we could even go global like those evil commies.

I know it smacks of (*gasp*) socialism, but what we’re going through now seems awfully like taxation without representation. It should be pointed out at this stage that most Americans still enjoy the right to bear arms, but I dare not suggest you use them for the purpose they are intended, even to be a little ironic. To be honest, I fear the Redcoats – but there’s also the small matter of not murdering each other, which I for one think is a pretty good rule adopted by most enlightened religions.

The whole political party idea seems a little pie-in-the-sky, I’ll admit (and there are already a few people struggling to make it happen, I’m sure) but the question put before me most often is: “What am I supposed to do about it?”

Simple. You have to hit the fuckers who are really in charge, and hit them where it hurts.

– I don’t buy clothing in the High Street. I buy from charity stores. Suits included.
– I do my best to suppress my addiction to consumer goods, but when the uncontrollable craving comes upon me I go to a boot sale.
– I don’t buy their grubby little newspapers and magazines, and you shouldn’t either. Most of it is officially approved news and celebrity gossip anyway.
– I’ve also managed to successfully avoid interest in gladiatorial combat in all shapes and forms.
– I made a promise to my wife a long time ago that I wouldn’t become involved in politics, but I’m beginning to rethink my position on this. Sacrifices have to be made in the face on this ever-increasing shit-storm.

So, there’s a kind of list of ideas for action, just to get you started. Don’t like the system? Rob it of its resources. Change it, if you can. Even of you’re too young to run for political office, you can lay the groundwork now by living a clean and blameless life (doing so will make it harder for media moguls to bring you down when you do run).

Is that enough soul-searching and chest-beating for now? I would hope so.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more dogs climbing trees.

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