The Bush AWOL Forgeries: Fonts Do Not Unmake Facts

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FACT: George W. Bush somehow jumped a 12-18 month waiting list to join the Air National Guard. This allowed him to avoid service in Vietnam.

By a month. Despite lower-than-average test results, Bush was somehow given priority over others and accepted into the Guard a month before he became eligible for the draft. The records (eventually) released by the White House clearly show they he opted out of service overseas. You don’t have to dig any further, or consider and more of the information below to conclude that George W. Bush did his best to avoid service in Vietnam. His best defence for this action is as follows:

“I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun in order to get a deferment, nor was I willing to go to Canada. So I chose to better myself by learning how to fly airplanes.” – President George W. Bush – 1990

Please note that in this quote he makes no excuses for wanting to avoid service in Vietnam.

FACT: George W. Bush cannot fully account for his time served following his transfer to Alabama.

Even when you ignore questions about why he was transferred, and that the only witness they could dig up ‘proving’ that he served didn’t actually see him do so, you are left with the following; despite this being a major issue and the armed forces having a fetish for record-keeping, no records have been produced that conclusively proved that he fulfilled his obligations.

FACT: George W. Bush never saw combat

Whether you accept the version that he was AWOL or that he was on approved leave, the fact remains that Bush was absent from his units in Alabama and Houston at precisely the same time these units were assigned active home-defence duty.

FACT: George W. Bush lied about seeing combat.

“I’ve been to war. I’ve raised twins. I’d rather go to war.” – President George W. Bush – 2002

‘Nuff said. (Oh, but there’s another lie about the amount of time he served here).

FACT: The White House has – at the very least – been less than forthcoming with pertinent documents.

The White House has claimed to have released ‘all’ of the records relating to Bush’s military service. On the three occasions that they have released varying sets of records. That’s three times they’ve released ‘everything’, folks. This is suspicious on its own. Even more suspicious is their claim that the records that (theoretically) could prove Bush served his time in the Guard were ‘inadvertently’ destroyed.

FACT: The White House also released their own versions of the allegedly faked documents.

The documents that currently have interwebbers bickering about typefaces, proportional fonts and superscript do not prove any of the above. Nor does their being fake disprove any of the above. All they suggest is that Bush used his political influence (which was considerable even at that time) to dodge service and have the record “sugar coated” in order to hide this. That they were also released by the White House – without challenge – following their release by CBS suggests one of two things.

1. That they somehow knew the documents were fake, but wanted to see CBS discredited on this matter.
2. That they did not inspect or challenge the documents because they considered their version of events to be entirely plausible.

The documents – even though they have yet to be conclusively debunked – are already being used as ‘proof’ that George W. Bush was not AWOL. It is already being asserted – without proof – that they originated from the Kerry camp. This particular aspect of one very big distraction is particularly telling because…

FACT: Republicans supported the Swift Boat attack on John Kerry.

Knowing full well how dodgy Bush’s service record was, the Republicans did not discourage the Swifites. Far from it. The Swift Boat Veterans for the ‘Truth’ were funded by high-level Republican donors and even enjoyed legal advice from a lawyer working for George W. Bush’s election campaign.

Media outlets that were friendly to the Bush administration helped to enhance their profile and sell their story. This story was based on a pack of lies and has been debunked on a number of fronts (as opposed to just one debunking – possibly – in the case of questions about George W. Bush’s military record), but the impression of doubt remains due to the way the story was sold by a willing media.

As incredible as it may seem, this system works. And the Bush administration is very bold about using it.

John Kerry’s outstanding service record is a problem.
Solution: cast doubt, use media muscle.

George W. Bush’s less-than-exemplary service record is a problem.
Solution: cast doubt, use media muscle.

Bush - the cowardly liar

Take a close look at the outright lies used to distort some facts and the doubt used to cloud others, then consider the following….

Why is this important?

It shows George W. Bush was a liar, a cheat, a coward, a scoundrel, and a poor servant to the people of the United States.

It suggests heavily that George W. Bush is a liar, a cheat, a coward, a scoundrel, and a poor servant to the people of the United States.

Iraq, the economy, health, the environment, and the so-called War on Terror; all of these issues and more are presented by the Bush administration using the same outright lies, the same clouding and the same use of media muscle.

Even bigger lies – or concepts, if you will – (adjusts glasses, taps pipe) are used to hide these lies from their people…

Liberal Media – You may see some differing opinions in print, but rarely on television. And television is what counts. Yet we are assured that the liberal media is all-powerful, and hides a frightening agenda. The lie of the liberal media makes people afraid of biased influence, when in truth it is the accusers who show bias bordering on the criminal. Those who do not work to feed Bush’s lies directly to the public are actually crippled by this lie, for fear of being seen as biased. Please note the multi-faceted use of fear, when you also consider…

The War on Terror – If the war is against terror, why does the Bush administration use terror against its own people? Here comes another lie; those who question the War on Terror don’t believe in the terrorist threat or are on the terrorist’s side. Sometimes both. I’m here to tell you that the threat of terrorism is real, but the War on Terror is a lie. And George W. Bush is the living embodiment of this lie.

George W. Bush Will Protect You – No he won’t. It’s an illusion. A lie. George W. Bush himself is an illusion. He lives, breathes and survives on lies. He is the creation of a man that most Americans have never heard of and/or do not pay nearly enough attention to; Karl Rove.

You Cannot Trust Bush-Haters – My personal favourite. There are people who ‘hate’ Bush, and therefore lack perspective. They are not to be trusted, as they have an agenda. Their hate blinds them to the truth.

I’ve seen the truth, but it’s the lies that are blinding.

I refuse to be crippled by the claim that I am an unreasonable person guided by hate.

I refuse to accept the charge that I am putting people at greater risk by questioning the Bush administration.

I’m also realistic enough to know that the defeat of Bush is the just the start.

Even a complete unmasking and humiliation of this idiot will only serve to partially weaken the machine behind him. But that’s where the war against this machine starts.

Question what you see and hear, by all means – but don’t allow yourself to be distracted by a battle – a feint – over proportional fonts. Especially when:
1. It is almost certainly another lie.
2. Even if it does turn out to be true, it does nothing to prove that Bush served his country honourably – and even raises questions about where such a useful distraction originated.

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