Attack on Mosul

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Blair in Iraq
Please excuse me for restricting my comments to a single picture. I may add more links as the day goes on.

Bush insists: ‘Life in Iraq is better than under Saddam’
Blair pays surprise Baghdad visit
Reporter’s log: Blair in the Middle East
Rocket attack on U.S. base kills more than 20
Hell in the North
Military was building bunker to replace tent hit in deadly rocket attack
Mosul death toll rises to 26
56 Percent in Survey Say Iraq War Was a Mistake
Bush sees hope in Iraqi election
Bush vows to pursue Iraq mission

Ten more years?: And, against a backdrop of continuing carnage, The Independent has learned a cross-party group of MPs has returned from Iraq convinced British troops may have to be deployed there for at least another 10 years.

And so the fight of Good vs. Evil goes on…

Pentagon Interrogators ‘Impersonated’ FBI- E-Mails: Defense Department interrogators impersonated FBI agents at the Guantanamo Bay prison to avoid being held accountable when they used “torture techniques” on a prisoner held there in the U.S. war on terrorism, according to FBI e-mails made public on Monday. Another FBI e-mail made available in the same package said that President Bush had issued an executive order authorizing a series of harsh methods for interrogations. The White House said no such directive existed and Justice Department and FBI officials echoed the denial. The documents were made public by the American Civil Liberties Union which obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act.

FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques

FBI Agents Allege Abuse of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

Washington Monthly comments here.

UPDATE – Oh, go on, then. One more picture for lunch.

UPDATE 2 – Back to Iraq 3.0 – Suicide bombing?!: I’m just stunned that insurgents were able to get inside and do this. This also makes the debate over whether the still-under-construction concrete dining facility was behind schedule moot. A concrete roof wouldn’t have made a whit of difference. This was an attack from inside. How was this allowed to happen?

ADDED BONUS – A picture of Donald Rumsfeld actually signing his name and a Christmas message from the White House (nsfw).

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