I pray daily for the death of coalition troops and Iraqi civilians

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
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Well, I would if I believed in God. Which I clearly don’t, as I don’t believe in George W. Bush’s version of God.

Independent – Last week the US lost its 1,000th soldier killed in combat. Why did no one notice?: In the debate over casualties, the only clear-cut figures are those on coalition deaths, because the British and US governments know it would be impossible to suppress them. But as icasualties.org makes clear, the Pentagon “certainly doesn’t go out of its way to divulge” the number of losses. “We are told that during the Korean and Vietnam wars, the names and numbers of dead AND injured were available from the government,” it adds. “No longer.”

These are the people who pat us on the head and tell us poor, naive peaceniks that things are much more complicated than they seem… as they simplify and sanitise matters for the audience that cheers them on.

These are also the people who urge us to support the troops. Speaking of those people; speaking of that audience

Editor and Publisher – Our readers weigh in on the war reporter who, with a little help from his friends (in the National Guard) put Donald Rumsfeld on the spot: “The duped soldier should be put at the very front of the action, no armor. The cooperating sergeant’s career should be over and maybe become MIA. Pitts and all his cronies should be executed as traitors. We are fighting a war, the debate is over, you’re either for us or against us, there is no middle ground. I say start executing the leftists in our country, soon.”

Charming, isn’t it?

Rush Limbaugh would have you believe that us ‘leftists’ sit at home wishing for further tragedy in Iraq.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

And you just have to watch this clip from FOXNews (link via Wibbler) where they seriously discuss the invasion/punishment of Canada.

The danger isn’t terrorism (a useful catch-all word that blinds people to the obvious); it’s extremism. And the Bush administration is breeding it at home and abroad.

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