Google combats comment spam

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
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Google has a plan to combat comment spam.

Movable Type, SixApart and Yahoo are on board.

The problem is, we’ll know it works and the comment spammers will know it works… but will the people who get sold comment spam as a service know it works?

After all, there are still people who buy into the ‘listing your site with hundreds of search engines and directories’ line of bull because they think it will help with their link popularity.

For now, I think I’ll stick with registration. People who comment on this site contribute greatly to the content. I would think this warrants a little Google-juice. A ‘wipe-out’ tag like the one Google is planning pretty much destroys what I consider to be a natural, fair and valuable exchange system. So – for now – I’m keeping mine in place.

(OK, so abuse of the system by comment spammers is really to blame here… it’s just that outright amputation always comes as a bit of a shock. You sit there looking at what’s left of your limb and can’t help but wonder if there weren’t a way to save it.)


  1. Armin says

    I don’t know, will the comment spammers really know (and care) if it works?I don’t have comments in my blog, only a form allowing visitors to send me feedback. But I still receive several e-mails a day which look suspiciously like the input I believe would be sent as comment spam. HTML in a plain text e-mail doesn’t make that much sense…So considering that content spammers don’t even check where their spam is going and keeping in mind that there will probably be enough blogs who for whatever reason don’t implement this, I don’t think much if anything will change.

  2. bigdaddymerk says

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  3. Gavin says

    I had always thought that the redirect system that you currently employ for comments would suck links dry of any google juice.I think the nofollow proposal is now too late. It is as easy for spammers to continue the scatter gun approach even if 95% of sites adopted it.I really don’t like centralised registration for commenting and think that in the longer term server based defences will be the most effective.

  4. Manic says

    Hrm. You could be right. Google will grant the PageRank of an old page to the same page at a new location if you use a straightforward http redirect, so some fuzzy bit in my brain just accepted the MT redirects as a valid link.

  5. Guy Gooberman says

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  6. Reflexive-Blog says

    Imagine the Web without pagerank

    Imagine a Web with pagerank, Google created it. Pagerank is the value of a page, in the search results of Google, based on the number of pages doing an hyperlink to the page in question, and on their respective ranks. The more a page is successful, …

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