From Iraq to inauguration to Iran

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2005

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So, here we are. The day of Bush’s inauguration.

A day or quiet protest for some.

Guardian – Protesters refuse to stand on ceremony: When President George Bush travels down Pennsylvania Avenue in his black limousine for today’s inaugural parade, he may detect a small ripple in the crowd as protesters symbolically turn their backs on his administration. That would be the stealth protesters of Turn Your Back on Bush, which plans to infiltrate the crowds of cheering Republicans along the parade route.

Ingrates! Haters of America! You’re the type that would spout rubbish like; “Ooooh, now Bush has his second term, he’s free to steal from his own people.”

You’re responsible for the world’s distorted view of Iraq! Why, even that nice Ms Rice appears confused.


So what’s day-to-day life in Iraq really like? One thing I do know is that even dogs aren’t safe. Nor are families out for a drive (be warned that image 3 will break your fucking heart, but it’s not tragic, merely unfortunate). Even soldiers are in for a hard time.

Well, there is hope. Free elections are mere days away.

But, Baghdad Burning (a personal weblog from Iraq that is not sponsored by the CIA) notes that nobody really knows the candidates. They’re all in hiding for fear of being shot like these poor fellas.

Of course, this only counts if you’ve actually registered to vote (more here) and haven’t sold your ballot to pay for food (see Baghdad Buring post above).

But if you do get to vote, you’ll know that one clear and strong choice is the cuddly Mr Allawi who cares enough to execute suspected insurgents personally (a Jordanian government minister has since claimed that this shooting was confirmed by an American official).

And this was the purpose of going into Iraq, right? After all, we’ve stopped looking for WMD and there’s no evidence WMD were smuggled out of Iraq before the invasion.

Or perhaps it was for humanitarian reasons. To save these people from a brutal regime. I keep forgetting. No matter. I’m sure everyone who’s been killed or ‘abused’ or tortured in the name of freedom appreciates it.

(Diversionary ‘abuse’ linkdump… The charges in full. Soldiers: We were obeying orders. Blair: Shocking, but not typical.)

And I’m equally sure it’s doing a world of good.

Retiring Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage expresses some specific regrets
Wired – Rice Acknowledges Bad Iraq Decisions
The Age – Bush admits Iraq war helped extremists

So, here we are. The day of Bush’s inauguration.

CNN – Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

Guardian – World fears new Bush era: Tony Blair, in an interview with the Guardian, expressed hope that Mr Bush’s second term would prove to be more consensual than the first. He said there had been an evolution in US policy, witnessed by him in successive conversations with Mr Bush. “Evolution comes from experience,” he said. Mr Blair said that, as part of a learning process that began with the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, the US administration had reached the conclusion that “in the end, we can take security and military measures against terrorism but… the best prospect of peaceful coexistence lies in the spread of democracy and human rights”.

EarthTimes.og – Rice to repair and amend troubled relations with world powers

We can only assume this march of peace, freedom and democracy from the New Improved President will include a pre-emptive strike against Iran. And that the intelligence used to justify the strike will be as unbiased and reliable.

Guardian – Now US ponders attack on Iran
Steve Weissman – Target Iran. War with No End
BBC – Iran ‘will defend nuclear sites’
CNS – A Preemptive Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities: Possible Consequences
Scotsman – Iran Envoy Warns Bush Against Attacks

This morning on BBC Radio 4, I heard an American (did anyone catch his name?) arguing in favour of this because of Iran’s “possible intentions to pursue a nuclear capability programme” or some such nonsense. (How about that? Blair was right. Bush has learned a lesson or two!)


Look, just enjoy a recursive Hasslehoff, watch the latest JibJab movie and buy yourself a big red button of doom.

You’ll need to develop your sense of humour if you want to be able to deal with what’s coming.

UPDATE – – The scandal sheet: Print it out, send it to Harry Reid, or just read it and weep. Here are 34 scandals from the first four years of George W. Bush’s presidency – every one of them worse than Whitewater.

Oh, and you can say anything you like on FOXNews about the inauguration… so long as it’s positive and fawning.


  1. Armin says

    re Iran nuclear programme, do you mean somewhere around 8am, just before or after the Iranian ambassador?I vaguely remember listening to that, but can’t remember the name. Here’s the interesting bit though: I can’t seem to find on the Radio 4 Listen Again page. Conspiracy or is just included with one of the other parts? There seems to be a quite big gap between 7:51 and 8:10…

  2. mactually says

    The War in Iraq

    Daily life in Iraq carries on. US soldiers kill the driver and front seat passenger of a car that doesn’t stop at a road block. The husband and wife’s five children in the back seat are not killed. The BBC photo gallery of the incident will break …

  3. Mary says

    Holy Toledo, it took me so long to get registered for the comment that I’ve nearly forgotten what I wanted to say. I am an American who definitely does not want Bush. Many other Americans are totally uneducated about Bush and will remain so until the mainstream media is set free to tell the truth. When I try to point out the information available on the internet, many people suggest the internet is just “people playing on the computer”! Please keep up your excellent blog and I’ll try to point as many to you as possible.

  4. Manic says

    Greetings, Mary! Sorry about the registration process; it’s designed to keep comment spammers and RWCs at bay.

  5. Guy Gooberman says

    I disagree, picture 4 is even worse then picture 3. I’m off to have a cry now and to top it off I’m reading greg Palast’s book…

  6. Blog: Derek Rose says

    An open letter to Lt. Col. Ryan (or, blaming the messenger)

    Lt. Col. Tim Ryan has written a lengthy piece criticizing the media coverage in Iraq that has attracted a lot of attention. A rejoinder.Dear Lt. Col. Ryan,Thank you for your service in Iraq. I wish you the best, and hope you are home soon. Howeve…

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