Happy Birthday sound files (as WAV and MP3)

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UPDATE – It is February 2021. The world is a very different place these days, but the good news is every version of Happy Birthday you could want is right here. You can probably ignore the rest of this page. It’s 16 years out of date.

I went on on a small interweb mission yesterday, trying to find an electric guitar verison of Happy Birthday (minus vocals) and found the Alta Vista Audio Search to be of enormous help.

Sadly, the only near-suitable sound file I found was this short version from this web page.

No matter. I did, on my journey, manage to find two kiddie-singing renditions, and they should both cheer you up no end:
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Mariko-san!

I also found a bagpipe version of Happy Birthday and this web page celebrating the 60th birthday of Sharon Tate that simply wouldn’t be complete without the embedded sound file.

And, I would like you all to meet the following people, who each share unique musical abilities:
Linda McKechnie
Fran Friedman
Clay Aiken

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