Reactions to Bush’s inauguration speech

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Signs Of The Apocalypse – Bush: Today marked the beginning of the end, as George W. Bush took an oath to rape America for another 4 years.

(Latter link via BigDaddyMerk.)

Washington Post – Bush Speech Not a Sign of Policy Shift, Officials Say: White House officials said yesterday that President Bush’s soaring inaugural address, in which he declared the goal of ending tyranny around the world, represents no significant shift in U.S. foreign policy but instead was meant as a crystallization and clarification of policies he is pursuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Peggy Noonan – Way Too Much God: The inaugural address itself was startling. It left me with a bad feeling, and reluctant dislike. Rhetorically, it veered from high-class boilerplate to strong and simple sentences, but it was not pedestrian. George W. Bush’s second inaugural will no doubt prove historic because it carried a punch, asserting an agenda so sweeping that an observer quipped that by the end he would not have been surprised if the president had announced we were going to colonize Mars.

Independent – Gore Vidal: Iran next, then who?: George Bush’s apparent desire to create a state of perpetual war spells disaster.

The above article requires subscription, but it’s a cracker. I’ll try to find a free version of it today.

Also, take a peek at some images of inauguration protestors.

And a nice Quicktime movie: The Daily Show reacts to the inauguration speech. Liberty… freedom… liberty… freedom.. freedom.. liberty…

UPDATE – Our G-bomb should go off within the next two days. Hang in there. Or chip in, if you’re feeling impatient.

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