Taking away your right to protest

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
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Guardian – Protest as harassment: The measures that the government claims are meant to stop fake butlers breaking into royal palaces and to prevent the lone anti-war protester Brian Haw from camping on the pavement in Parliament Square (125-135) also have the effect of banning any spontaneous protest outside parliament or in Trafalgar Square, and of permitting the home secretary to ban demonstrations in places “designated” by him to be “in the interests of national security”. Which means they will be used to prevent protests at airbases, arms exhibitions, government buildings and anywhere else of symbolic or practical importance.

And the bit that’s supposed to stop animal rights activists from protesting outside the homes of scientists also makes it technically illegal to protest outside Downing St. Which is a residence.

Blair’s attack on May Day was just the start.

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