Eclectic link dump #7

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 23, 2005

Category: Inneresting

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
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Something to care about:
Global blogger action day called
Committee to Protect Bloggers

Something to wish for:
Doing as a full-time job

Something to not worry too much about:
How to destroy the Earth

Something to get worked up about:
Stephen Green is at it again. We have Scaryduck to thank for this fine Metafilter link and Media Watch Watch caught the report on the Today programme.

(UPDATE – More from this arrogant tosspot here. Cheers BigDaddyMerk.)

(UPDATE – Yet more on Stephen ‘John the Baptist’ Greenhere and here.)

Something to cheer you up:
I’d give it all up to live on a pig farm.

Something to listen to:
Country Phil rocks! (It says so on his website.) How can one not appreciate this level of talent and genius?

Something to watch:
Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn interpreted in sign.

(You’ll like that last link, you really will. The video may hiccup, but show patience and you’ll be rewarded.)


  1. Scaryduck says

    Mr Green told the programme that he would have protested outside the charity if they had taken the money.”Effectively, I think we saved this charity from a public relations disaster,” he concluded.The arrogant tosser. I trust he will be making up the three grand out of his own pocket, then.

  2. Manic says

    That’s not a bad idea. According to Stephen, it’s God’s grace that allows him to not-harrass, not-threaten and not-blackmail people full-time.Perhaps God in his infinite wisdom has also granted him a generous surplus that will better allow him to save charities from themselves.

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