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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2017

Category: Inneresting, Tories! Tories! Tories!, UK General Election 2017

I thought it would be interesting to have a summary of what the major parties are saying on Twitter during #GE2017, so here’s what I did:

For both @Conservatives and @UKLabour, I took all tweets & replies from every day for the entire month of May 2017, and pasted them into a spreadsheet. I then removed all of the Twitter fittings & furniture and usernames and what have you, so the only words that remained were from the body of tweets.

(Obviously, words that were displayed in image or video files were not detected or counted.)

I then entered each set of words into a .TXT file for upload to, gave each resulting text cloud the same font, shape, size and pattern, and the results are what you see below: a visual summary of what each campaign has had to say so far, as expressed through Twitter.

word cloud of @uklabour tweets

Word Cloud of tweets by @Conservatives during May 2017

Word cloud of @Conservatives tweets

Word Cloud of tweets by @Conservatives during May 2017

I’ll leave any analysis to others. Personally, I think the data speaks for itself.

Do feel free to use these images to make your point out there, just be sure to link back to the little black duck who did all of the hard work.

Cheers all.

Psst! Look for me in Replies to the @Conservatives, and check out the tag #TheyLie on Twitter, especially if you’re a fan of kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.

(MINI-UPDATE – I should be clear that I gave each set the same instructions. While both data sets are trying to form a circle, one data set clearly looks more organic than the other, and that’s because that data set has more variety in the text.)

UPDATE – Full analysis of @UKLabour/@Conservatives Twitter output during #GE2017

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 24, 2012

Category: Inneresting, Old Media, Teh Interwebs

A missing student (15) has reportedly run away abroad with maths teacher Jeremy Forrest (30), who also writes, produces and performs music under the stage name ‘Jeremy Ayre‘.

This morning, some of Jeremy Forrest/Ayre’s web presences have been disabled, but many of his musical offerings remain. You are invited to explore how this man expressed himself in song before putting himself in this extraordinary position (and I further challenge you to do so without repeating any of the more witless comment behaviour, currently ranging from calling him a ‘paedo’* to advising to him to “keep heading south & over the Pyrenees,” because the “legal age of consent is 13 in Spain”).

Jeremy performs mainly as an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, he describes his music as being “punk, pop and folk all together”, and you can sample his music on YouTube, MySpace and SoundCloud.

At present, most attention focuses on a song titled My Little Emo but personally I’m more intrigued by song with a title inspired by a blood sucker: Let The Wrong One In. On his site, Jeremy describes the latter as “a song about a relationship going wrong, people meeting on different levels and having very different ideas and expectations” but just between you and me, I’m hearing some stereotypical middle-age issues in that first verse, too.

Let The Wrong One In
by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

Recently I can feel
Tiredness creeping in my bones
I’m growing old
I used to be a little more
Innocent about the things I’ve done
I’ve come undone

‘Cause every time I can I miss the hate
Next I make a promise not to make
The same mistakes I always make

I want you to realise,
I don’t like you like the way you think
I’m not that deep
You’re living in a fantasy
‘Cos all I really wanna do is screw
So give me a break

‘Cos every time we kiss you say it’s me
Full of self conviction
Are you full of self esteem?
(You’re) not fooling me
You’re not fooling me
You’re not fooling me
You’re not fooling me

Your friends say I’m out of luck
Tell ’em I don’t give a fucking stuff
Thinking for your-self

Don’t believe that things can change
You’re back with me
When we haven’t even spoke
It’s just a joke

You’re making it impossible to meet
When just one conversation
Will put this all this shit to sleep
This isn’t it
This isn’t it
This isn’t it
This isn’t it

My Little Emo
by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

In hindsight, I miss you
It’s too late for a chase
The seasons will change me
I won’t go to waste

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

I’m so cold, I’m nervous
A train wreck, or worse
She’s talking, the movements
I can’t read, or worse

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me down
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

PS – Tonight’s movie: Election. Just because.

UPDATE – Previously-thought-unintelligible lyric in ‘My Little Emo’ ably identified by Louis Barfe. Cheers, fella.

UPDATE (5pm) – The Mirror offer their take/view on the song Better Company, but personally I find this to be the most intriguing song from the MySpace selection: Eighteen

by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

Sigh if you need a lift
I always like running after you
And I don’t want to let you down

My head’s been round and round
You made me feel so ridiculous
And I don’t want to let you know

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

I hang onto words you say
Remember the looks you gave me
And I thought that I’d let you know

Go crazy inside your eyes
And dizzy if I survive you
Touching my hand when you talk to me

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

Can we talk a little mour-n of your voice

Then every word you say
‘Cause when I’m down and out
It makes me feel much better somehow, and yet…

You hang me upside down
And my stomach’s turned inside-out for you
I’m losing my self con-trol

Well I used to be so relaxed
But now I can hardly sleep at night
But I wouldn’t change a thing

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

Conversations will not replace
The things I want to do
Reservations keep me far away
From being close to you

Can we talk a little mour-n of your voice

Then every word you say
‘Cause when I’m down and out
It makes me feel much better somehow, and yet…

UPDATE – Post and some comments have been edited to remove a name.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 26, 2010

Category: Inneresting

I was reading a copy of MAD Magazine from March 1979, and was impressed by how far we’ve come since then. (Part I)

source: Pg 16, MAD Magazine 203, March 1979

I was reading a copy of MAD Magazine from March 1979, and was impressed by how far we’ve come since then. (Part II)

source: Pg 6, MAD Magazine 203, March 1979

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 24, 2009

Category: Inneresting

The following is a little snippet of an ordinary man’s history that was recently found by a friend in a pile of forgotten correspondence. It was passed from one (blood) brother to another to show what some (blood of the workers) brothers got up to on the Ford factory floor in deepest, darkest Slough, back in what I’m guesstimating to be the late 70s.

I thought was worth preserving/publishing.

(Enjoy/share the following transcript by all means, but please also take the time to appreciate the effort that went into the original notice and many notices like it; desktop publishing is a luxury that too many of us take for granted, and typewriters don’t have an ‘undo’ function or a spell checker.)



Three weeks ago on Phase 1 Minor Line (B Shift), a brother was ordered by his General Foreman to start work without gloves or wear a dirty pair that the General Foreman had picked out of a bin. The brother refused to start work without a clean pair as was one of the 5 dirty jobs one the line that always have got a clean pair of gloves at the start of every shift.

The brother then asked to see a shop steward, but this request was refused. Instead he was told he was off pay and had lost his supplement. While all this was going on, his foreman, who did not know what had happened – was getting clean gloves as he did every morning. When he came back, he issued the man with clean gloves. The brother put them on and started work.

Then the General Foreman came back – ripped the new gloves off our bother’s hands and told him to wear a dirty pair out of the bin. The brother again refused and management called in a senior steward from the next line. This steward agreed he shouldn’t wear a dirty pair and advised him not to start work without clean gloves. The brother was then issued with a clean pair – but he was told he was being disciplined.

For the next 2 weeks at the beginning of every shift, this threat was repeated: wear a dirty pair or be disciplined. As the line had no steward at this time, one was elected. But straight away he was given the same choice – wear dirty gloves or be disciplined.

The shop steward also refused to start without a clean pair. So he was given a clean pair, but also told that he was being disciplined. Management then decided that the first brother was to be given a 3 day suspension and our steward was to be sacked. Meanwhile, before an appeal he was suspended on pay.

After two nights, management changed it to 3 day suspensions for both brothers to be taken Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. The Convenor asked fro a delay so an official could be brought in. This was refused.

So today, 80 blokes from Phase 1 walked out in support of the two men, as well as another of our brothers who was also suspended for 3 days for refusing extra work. This brother was subjected to racist abuse and was pushed around by the same General Foreman who had been causing all the trouble about the gloves.



printed by Ford Workers’ Group Langley

A scan of the original document can be seen here.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 23, 2009

Category: Barack Obama, Geekage, Inneresting

I am shocked that this is possible. It is awesome. – President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address by David Bergman

Check out the four guys on the far-right of the roof of the white building in the background. Seriously.

(via b3ta, with best comment: “All those people, and no-one came as Wally.”)

UPDATE – Cheney. Awesome.

UPDATE – Professional image. Not yours. Hahahaha! Awesome.

UPDATE – Oh, bloody hell. Hahahahahaha! Am I allowed to say it again?

“2 stagehands walk into a bar… the second one had Gaff tape.”

One for the ages, now. Kilroy 2.0 and all that.

UPDATE – You can congratulate the creator here, if you fancy.

UPDATE – Huge 21.3Mb aerial photograph of the same event (via)

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 7, 2009

Category: Inneresting

A bus campaign that has really kicked off:

Guardian – The atheist bus journey: Thanks to you we raised enough money to put ads on 800 buses across the UK, and the campaign has gone global.

A bus campaign that has not: – Petition to: make bendy buses make accordian noises as they go round corners: “This petition has been rejected because: It was outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government. (This is a devolved matter and should be directed to the Mayor and the Greater London Authority.)” (via)

An anti-terrorism effort that is encouraging in a way:

BBC – Obama ‘has selected spying chief’: Observers say Mr Obama had difficulty selecting people to head the intelligence apparatus, because he was keen to pick candidates who had experience of the intelligence agencies, but who had not been involved in decisions to allow CIA interrogators to use extreme interrogation methods – which many consider to be torture – on terrorist suspects.

An ‘anti-terrorism’ effort that is not encouraging in any way:

Times – Police set to step up hacking of home PCs: The Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant.

(“Oh, by all means, come in, do…. and please rummage through my filing cabinets. Oh, put your warrant away; you don’t need that!”)

And finally, something I’m dying to try myself:

Awesome photographs of bubbles freezing in the air.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 28, 2008

Category: Inneresting

a) It’s not your fault.

b) It’s not AC/DC’s fault.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 15, 2008

Category: Inneresting

Death and why you may have difficulty imagining the experience that follows it.

No, asking a zombie doesn’t count; they haven’t been to the void, emptiness, oblivion *or* the sweet trolley. The best they can imagine is a dull tearing sensation as your shovel separates their head from their neck. Or perhaps some form of zombie heaven for afters, where you get your pick of brains.

Incidentally, I’ve just recently:

a) read and enjoyed Marvel Zombies , quite possibly the most awesome story arc in the history of Marvel comics

b) watched and enjoyed Fido, a heartwarming movie about a boy and his zombie…

(Essentially, it’s Pleasantville meets Night of the Living Dead with a dash of corporate monsterism a’la Robocop, plus deliciously muted amusements from Billy Connolly. If you are now thinking of seeing Fido, go and do. If not, I ask you to at least give the opening 3 minutes a chance.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 9, 2008

Category: Inneresting

BBC – Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare
BBC – Fleetwood Pier in Lancashire

I call Morgan for the trifecta.

1. Supporting Dave Walker:

Unity – J Mark Brewer revisited (updated): It seems that while Brewer’s up for bullying Christian cartoonists and members of the clergy, when it comes to taking on a big bad atheist blogger with a penchant for digging into the detail, like yours truly, he seems to be altogether lacking in intestinal fortitude.

Well, there’s a shock.

If you’d like to learn more and maybe blog something yourself, start here.

2. ‘Sun Watch’ Project:

Catching up with more of our editors today and tomorrow. In the meantime, here are two Sun-related items for you:

Mark Pack – A case of media bias? The Sun, MySpace and Facebook: So, that would be 14 positive stories about MySpace compared to 1 negative. A bit different from the 2 positive against 13 negative stories about Facebook…

Septicisle – Weekend links: The Scum, despite the complete lack of evidence is continuing to keep up the pretence that Barry George is guilty of the Jill Dando murder…

3. New Google gadgetry:

Google has started offering their site-specific search feature under the main search result for some newspapers. Nifty.

4. Long waits:

Still no word regarding my membership application for the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics. Can’t imagine what’s keeping them.

5. Fascinating and a bit scary:

Britain from Above looks awesome. Guess where I’ll be Sunday 10 August at 9pm. (No, don’t check the spy satellite… I said guess where I’ll be Sunday 10 August at 9pm.)

6. Optical illusions:

Best car park signage ever. (via)

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