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Posted by Tim Ireland at September 24, 2012

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A missing student (15) has reportedly run away abroad with maths teacher Jeremy Forrest (30), who also writes, produces and performs music under the stage name ‘Jeremy Ayre‘.

This morning, some of Jeremy Forrest/Ayre’s web presences have been disabled, but many of his musical offerings remain. You are invited to explore how this man expressed himself in song before putting himself in this extraordinary position (and I further challenge you to do so without repeating any of the more witless comment behaviour, currently ranging from calling him a ‘paedo’* to advising to him to “keep heading south & over the Pyrenees,” because the “legal age of consent is 13 in Spain”).

Jeremy performs mainly as an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, he describes his music as being “punk, pop and folk all together”, and you can sample his music on YouTube, MySpace and SoundCloud.

At present, most attention focuses on a song titled My Little Emo but personally I’m more intrigued by song with a title inspired by a blood sucker: Let The Wrong One In. On his site, Jeremy describes the latter as “a song about a relationship going wrong, people meeting on different levels and having very different ideas and expectations” but just between you and me, I’m hearing some stereotypical middle-age issues in that first verse, too.

Let The Wrong One In
by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

Recently I can feel
Tiredness creeping in my bones
I’m growing old
I used to be a little more
Innocent about the things I’ve done
I’ve come undone

‘Cause every time I can I miss the hate
Next I make a promise not to make
The same mistakes I always make

I want you to realise,
I don’t like you like the way you think
I’m not that deep
You’re living in a fantasy
‘Cos all I really wanna do is screw
So give me a break

‘Cos every time we kiss you say it’s me
Full of self conviction
Are you full of self esteem?
(You’re) not fooling me
You’re not fooling me
You’re not fooling me
You’re not fooling me

Your friends say I’m out of luck
Tell ’em I don’t give a fucking stuff
Thinking for your-self

Don’t believe that things can change
You’re back with me
When we haven’t even spoke
It’s just a joke

You’re making it impossible to meet
When just one conversation
Will put this all this shit to sleep
This isn’t it
This isn’t it
This isn’t it
This isn’t it

My Little Emo
by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

In hindsight, I miss you
It’s too late for a chase
The seasons will change me
I won’t go to waste

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

I’m so cold, I’m nervous
A train wreck, or worse
She’s talking, the movements
I can’t read, or worse

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me down
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round
So lay me down, lay me down
The weight of this day will bring me ’round

PS – Tonight’s movie: Election. Just because.

UPDATE – Previously-thought-unintelligible lyric in ‘My Little Emo’ ably identified by Louis Barfe. Cheers, fella.

UPDATE (5pm) – The Mirror offer their take/view on the song Better Company, but personally I find this to be the most intriguing song from the MySpace selection: Eighteen

by ‘Jeremy Ayre’ (Jeremy Forrest)

Sigh if you need a lift
I always like running after you
And I don’t want to let you down

My head’s been round and round
You made me feel so ridiculous
And I don’t want to let you know

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

I hang onto words you say
Remember the looks you gave me
And I thought that I’d let you know

Go crazy inside your eyes
And dizzy if I survive you
Touching my hand when you talk to me

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

Can we talk a little mour-n of your voice

Then every word you say
‘Cause when I’m down and out
It makes me feel much better somehow, and yet…

You hang me upside down
And my stomach’s turned inside-out for you
I’m losing my self con-trol

Well I used to be so relaxed
But now I can hardly sleep at night
But I wouldn’t change a thing

I don’t mind
If you wanna go with someone else
I don’t mind
If you wanna be a-lone

Conversations will not replace
The things I want to do
Reservations keep me far away
From being close to you

Can we talk a little mour-n of your voice

Then every word you say
‘Cause when I’m down and out
It makes me feel much better somehow, and yet…

UPDATE – Post and some comments have been edited to remove a name.


  1. gxd says

    If you check out the song “Starsigns” which is on his Soundcloud. Also take a look at his followers to the right and “[profile name redacted]” looks like [name redacted], who has one follower, JeremyAyreMusic. “[profile name redacted]” has also favourited the song, so perhaps this one is (also) about [name redacted]?

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Yes, I've wondered that myself about 'Starsigns':

      She's in my head
      And I can see trouble
      I did my best
      But it couldn't keep me
      She's dressed in red
      She's honest and she's
      I can't wait to get up behind
      Closed doors


      (You're working?)
      While I'm singing
      In my
      Living room
      It's the closest
      That I can get to
      Holding you
      But I'm tired
      Of wanting you more
      Every day
      But I can't shake
      These feelings
      Just won't go away.

      If I could do anything
      I swear I'd run to you.
      If I could be anything
      I swear I'd be with you

    • Rachel says

      You're absolutely right. I googled 'mermaiddimples' (no space) and came up with a twitter account and a few other bits for a girl called Megzy.
      I'm guessing it not a coincidence as it looks like her.
      There is various instagram activity on there though I don't have an iphone so wouldn't be able to check.
      Her instagram tag is 'mermaid dimples' maybe somebody could have a look and see when the last activity was?
      Might be worth reporting.?

      • Tim_Ireland says

        Thanks, Rachel. Police appear to have the social media aspect well in hand. I doubt much of it has escaped notice.

      • Bex says

        Her mum's nickname for her was Mermaid :/

        • Tim_Ireland says

          'Is', Bex. 'Is'. :o)

      • Ali says

        I’ve just flicked through her instagram pictures – one of them is a picture of a Marina and the Diamonds CD, on which one of her friends has left a message asking her to come home, telling her that everyone is worried about her and that she isn’t in trouble – I think it’s safe to say that it’s definitely her account. Hopefully, if nothing else she’ll get in touch with her family to let them know that she’s OK.

        While I in no way approve of what Mr Forrest has chosen to do, I am quietly wondering if that return ticket would have been used (as planned, maybe?), if the decision had not been made to publicise this so widely, so early on. While Mr Forrest is highly unlikely to be chomping at the bit to return, I also doubt very much [name redacted] is looking forward to it either – she’s going to be “That Girl” for quite some time, and probably longer still in her own head.

  2. leanne says

    Most chilling lyrics in regards to the current situation have to be;
    ‘ conversations will not replace,
    what i want to do,
    reservations keep me far away
    from being close to you’

  3. John Vetterlein says

    Many, many years back (fifty or so I would have to say) a contemporary teacher in London fell for a 15-year-old schoolgirl at the school where he was employed. This otherwise rational young man temporarily lost his bearings but fortunately recovered after a few weeks before any harm was done.

    From what I can gather Mr Forrest is experiencing a similar trauma to that faced by my acquaintance back then. As a former teacher myself, I witnessed a number of occasions where young girls between the ages of 12 and 16 at school had crushes on male teachers – it happened to me a few times. But, if one is a true professional one should be able to override any emotional response. It may not be easy but it has to be done.

    I would ask Mr Forrest to bear all this in mind and to return to Britain with [name redacted] as soon as possible.

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Thanks for your comment, John. With luck, Mr Forrest will come to appreciate how his perspective has let him down. I hope sooner, rather than later.

  4. jimmylocks says

    Really interesting blog post, thank you.
    I hope [name redacted] is returned home safely.

  5. dilemmy says

    reading the words to those songs is he the one thats 15 , they are like the stuff 15 year old emo girls write trying to look deep and brooding . The poor girl is to young to see it at moment but one day will cringe all the cheesey crap , but guess thats why hes with her to young to know better . Emotions are so overwhelming as teenager just as they are at 5 its all new and exciting thats why we still treat them as children because they are children no matter how grown up they seem . Its just a shame that there are people who for there own reasons dont ever become emotionally mature . At 16 i was so sure i was in love i moved in with a man of 47 . I thought no one understood our love and my family were just trying to ruin my life , now i know how wrong i was , she will too .

  6. ChairmanMeow says

    I also happened to notice on his soundcloud account an Emily Forrest. Who happens to be his wife as we know. But on her song lists are his “love” songs to [name redacted] which Emily obviously thought were about her. They were both following and followers of Jeremy too. Some strange irony here.

  7. Ian G says

    Let’s just hope neither has done or will do anything silly and both are in a position to come to their senses – the early pangs of love are irresistible but they soon wear off. Love can be madness, from my reading of the situation the guy is obviously an articulate, emotional and compassionate human being. The situaion needs assessing with empathy and patience by all. I understand the public concern but many comments are irresponsible and unfeeling and I trust don’t play into the mindsets or actions of either [name redacted] or Jeremy.

  8. Muso survivor says

    If you want to hear some more worrying lyrics worthy of a 15 year old, check out "Arrows and Hearts" demo on his website. Seems to allude to the singer cutting his veins having killed his muse.

  9. Mike says

    I have heard the song but I can’t decide if this guy has actually gone off the deep end or just imitated the 30 year old emo to snare his teenage lover. I suppose he had to do this to get famous because he can’t write many decent lyrics and really, really, really can’t compose melodies. I see how a 15 year old could fall for it though. People overlook that, at 15, you get carded for cigs and alcohol, you probably won’t have access to drugs other than weed (if that), you can’t legally drive or get into nightclubs — a 30 year old who can do all that probably seems like a rockstar.

    I don’t think [name redacted] is at risk though, he seems to be alluding, rather obviously, to killing off his marriage for a new relationship, hence the lines about “till death do us part”. Thought the tabloids would be all over this by now though…

  10. Maria says

    I'm really not sure if i like this guys music or not it's quirky and different and YES i am choosing to ignore incidents that happened ages ago concerning him and a girl who was in love. that's all.

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