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Posted by Tim Ireland at October 2, 2006

Category: Inneresting

Special Friendships #1: The Foley scandal
Special Friendships #2: Peerage probe police quiz Tories
Special Friendships #3: White House in crisis over ‘Iraq lies’ claims

Fireworks? Already? Tch. And I’ve only just started on this year’s guy.

UPDATE – An extra-special Foley video. Enjoy.

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 19, 2006

Category: Inneresting

BBC – We lied to win, says Hungary PM: Hungary’s prime minister has admitted saying that his party lied to the public to win April’s general election. Ferenc Gyurcsany’s admission came after Hungarian radio played a tape of a meeting he had with his Socialist MPs a few weeks after the election. On it he says the party had lied to the public and his “boneheaded” government failed to introduce any real policies.

(Psst! Has anyone else noticed that the list of Tony Blair’s achievements on the Keeping the Faith website has been trimmed down?)

Guardian – Hungary PM: we lied to win election: Some observers say the leaked tape could have come from Mr Gyurcsany’s office as a way to justify tough economic reforms. Just hours after the tape came out, a full transcript was posted on his weblog.

(Psst! Specific entry is here. In Hungarian.)

Independent – Budapest rioters storm TV station in ‘lying PM’ protest: Protesters clashed with police and stormed the headquarters of Hungary’s state television early today, enraged at a leaked recording in which the prime minister admitted the government “lied morning, evening and night” about the economy… Confronted with initial excerpts of the 25-minute recording, which Hungarian state radio posted on its website on Sunday, Gyurcsany not only acknowledged their authenticity but seemed relieved they had been made public – leading to speculation that the leak came from sources close to him… Others said the leak was an attempt – which may have misfired – by Gyurcsany’s Socialist rivals to block his aspirations to become party chairman.

(Psst! If Tony Blair ever does this, don’t even think of marching on Downing Street.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 8, 2006

Category: Inneresting

This is just lovely. Go, enjoy, and then waste the rest of your afternoon with the B3ta newsletter from whence it came.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 6, 2006

Category: Inneresting




I’d link to more, but someone just broke Teh Interwebs.

Hey… ‘member this?

I Got The Number Of The Beast At The Bottle Tombola

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 21, 2006

Category: Inneresting

OK, class… I have two homework assignments for you this weekend. You may choose either (or both for extra credit).

1. Relax, sit back and write/blog about your sofa. (No begging, use pictures if you can, and be creative if you’re able.)

2. Attend the SOCPA protest this Sunday after building one of the following:

a) A *blank* placard or banner

a megaphone b) A megaphone

Yes, you heard me… a megaphone. A real one like what directors used to use in them good old days before teh electremonics (see picture to right).

Y’see, I’ve been reading this section of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 carefully and the ‘designated area’ ban applies ONLY to ‘loudspeakers’… a term that every dictionary I look in applies exclusively to an *electronic* audio/amplification device (and/or part of same).

Any other way you choose to amplify your voice appears to be A-OK… and this method appears to be tried and trusted.

All you really need is a bit of stiff card, some duct tape… and maybe some help from Mum with the scissors.

For added effect, you can paste a copy of Section 137 of the SOCPA Act to the side. That way you can explain the situation quickly and effectively to any policeman who objects to you passing by the front of Downing Street and demanding “ACTION!”

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2006

Category: Inneresting

I’m neck-deep in a new music video (of the non-political money-making variety) so please excuse me if I only poke my head up over at Backing Blair for the next few days.

Here are some thoughts on current events to tide you over…

Bird Flu: BSE (“Eat your burger, Cordelia…”) and FMD (“Phew! The crisis passed just in time for the election!”) revealed the true enemy of the people; the profit motive (the same thing that’s meant to save our schools, health, pension, transport, etc. etc. etc.), but now there’s another problem… trust. Given this government’s track record of being more concerned with how a problem looks (rather than, say, tackling the problem itself) and cynically exploiting one human tragedy after another for political or financial gain… how do you think the public is going to react if the shit hits the fan and compulsory orders start flying? Here’s more from Justin.

The Italian Elections: Exit Polls suggested a 5% lead for Prodi’s coalition, but an actual count has narrowed this to almost zilch. Excuse me for calling a crook a crook, but does anyone here actually think that Berlusconi is above a little box-stuffing? (Oh, and wouldn’t it have been interesting if one of the television stations Berlusconi controls called the election in his favour at 2am?)

Tony Blair’s PledgeBank Adventure: I think Tom Steinberg is having himself on a bit when he says that; “those of you who are successful bloggers and who ought to know better than to de facto comment spam other sites.” Agh! The shame! It burns! (PS – My blind cynicism made the papers.)

Going Nuclear On Iran: “The idea of a nuclear strike on Iran is completely nuts,” said Mr Straw…. in the same interview where he insists that Iraq is not facing a civil war.

Denial In Iraq: Whenever Blair faced questions of legality (or even plain common sense) over the invasion of Iraq, he sought to ‘answer’ the question by highlighting the ‘positive’ the results. They have a democracy! (Not yet, they don’t.) They have stability! (Not yet, they don’t.) No wonder he’s taken to avoiding the media and the public (again) for the duration of the election campaign.

The Loss Of Our Democracy: And they wonder why people feel distanced from democracy. No matter… Blair’s about to dismantle it anyway. (PS – You may want to do something about that.)

Our Man At The Home Office: How about that? Charles Clarke can be civil… when given ample time to psyche himself up.

Our Man Murdoch: Oh dear… if Murdoch isn’t preparing to switch sides, then he must want something that Blair is finding it awfully difficult to provide. The bitch-slapping continues with news that Blair has a ‘black hole’ in his expenses.

Lazy Mamma Wade: Has anybody seen any progress on the Scum’s ‘Get Britain Reading’ competition? I was wondering when I could expect to see my entry in print. (PS – Today’s Page 3 girl is amazed that Jessie Walker took cocaine at breakfast time and says: “I can’t imagine it’s a very nutritious start to the day. She should have stuck to cornflakes.”)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 23, 2006

Category: Inneresting

I found the following lurking in Mr Brown’s latest budget:

7.29 Microgeneration technologies, such as solar heating and micro-wind, have the potential to contribute towards both improved energy security and lower carbon emissions. In order to stimulate demand for these new technologies, the Government has already committed 30 million over the next three years to fund microgeneration installations and introduced reduced rates of VAT to encourage their adoption by individuals. DTI will publish a Microgeneration Strategy next week which will set out how the Government intends to address the various barriers preventing widespread take-up of these technologies through measures such as ensuring microgenerators are rewarded for exports of electricity, and working with planning authorities and the construction industry to develop positive approaches. Budget 2006 announces a further 50 million for DTI’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme with the aim of encouraging manufacture at higher scale leading to lower costs. This will help fund the installation of microgeneration technologies in a range of buildings including schools, social and local authority housing, businesses and public buildings.

It looks like I may finally get my windmill… but Mr Brown should not think that he has secured my vote as a result; you see, I also want a flying car:

The Register – Flying car captured on Google Earth
The Register – Second flying car spotted Down Under

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 15, 2006

Category: Inneresting

Following the news that wholesale gas prices quadrupled on Monday, we’ve had a series of comforting brown-outs (voltage drops) in the Guildford area over the last couple of days. Tickles dark corners of my memory, so it does….

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 1, 2006

Category: Inneresting

London’s sewers had been under considerable pressure for some time and were about to blow. Spectacularly.

I found myself in Westminster and in touch with the right people just before it happened; I’m talking seconds before it happened.

It was very much a right place, right time kind of thing… one minute I’m recognising a friend and saying hello, and the next I’m being hurried toward an exclusive shelter (knowing full well that – had I not been there at that moment – I certainly would not have been called and invited).

The shelter – if you could call it that – was the far side of a 6ft concrete wall adjoining an overpass. I was informed by my friend that it was the best shelter (in fact, probably the only shelter) available in all of London and that we would have the luxury of a clean-water hose, to which we would all have limited/shared access.

I had one hand on the wall and was preparing to climb over when the sewers blew.

We’re talking a gargantuan, overwhelming tide of wet, sticky crap here, folks. An awesome wall of raw sewage, thirty feet high, and travelling at over 50 miles an hour. The world hadn’t seen its like since the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919.

I vaulted over the wall and hung on for dear life as the tide of #A96F51 rushed over us. People unlucky enough to be caught in the open were crushed against walls or washed away, never to be seen again.

The flood passed as quickly as it came, leaving brown-coated destruction in its path… but the wall had held and I had held on to the wall.

VIPs were already lining up for the hose and washing the sticky goo off as my friend wiped his face, exhaled with relief, then turned to me and said:

“OK, we should be alright for another 15 minutes.”

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2006

Category: Inneresting

Officer, arrest that whale!

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