Hungary: lies, leaks and whispers

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BBC – We lied to win, says Hungary PM: Hungary’s prime minister has admitted saying that his party lied to the public to win April’s general election. Ferenc Gyurcsany’s admission came after Hungarian radio played a tape of a meeting he had with his Socialist MPs a few weeks after the election. On it he says the party had lied to the public and his “boneheaded” government failed to introduce any real policies.

(Psst! Has anyone else noticed that the list of Tony Blair’s achievements on the Keeping the Faith website has been trimmed down?)

Guardian – Hungary PM: we lied to win election: Some observers say the leaked tape could have come from Mr Gyurcsany’s office as a way to justify tough economic reforms. Just hours after the tape came out, a full transcript was posted on his weblog.

(Psst! Specific entry is here. In Hungarian.)

Independent – Budapest rioters storm TV station in ‘lying PM’ protest: Protesters clashed with police and stormed the headquarters of Hungary’s state television early today, enraged at a leaked recording in which the prime minister admitted the government “lied morning, evening and night” about the economy… Confronted with initial excerpts of the 25-minute recording, which Hungarian state radio posted on its website on Sunday, Gyurcsany not only acknowledged their authenticity but seemed relieved they had been made public – leading to speculation that the leak came from sources close to him… Others said the leak was an attempt – which may have misfired – by Gyurcsany’s Socialist rivals to block his aspirations to become party chairman.

(Psst! If Tony Blair ever does this, don’t even think of marching on Downing Street.)

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