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OK, class… I have two homework assignments for you this weekend. You may choose either (or both for extra credit).

1. Relax, sit back and write/blog about your sofa. (No begging, use pictures if you can, and be creative if you’re able.)

2. Attend the SOCPA protest this Sunday after building one of the following:

a) A *blank* placard or banner

a megaphone b) A megaphone

Yes, you heard me… a megaphone. A real one like what directors used to use in them good old days before teh electremonics (see picture to right).

Y’see, I’ve been reading this section of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 carefully and the ‘designated area’ ban applies ONLY to ‘loudspeakers’… a term that every dictionary I look in applies exclusively to an *electronic* audio/amplification device (and/or part of same).

Any other way you choose to amplify your voice appears to be A-OK… and this method appears to be tried and trusted.

All you really need is a bit of stiff card, some duct tape… and maybe some help from Mum with the scissors.

For added effect, you can paste a copy of Section 137 of the SOCPA Act to the side. That way you can explain the situation quickly and effectively to any policeman who objects to you passing by the front of Downing Street and demanding “ACTION!”

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