Can we start the 21st century now, please?

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 23, 2006

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I found the following lurking in Mr Brown’s latest budget:

7.29 Microgeneration technologies, such as solar heating and micro-wind, have the potential to contribute towards both improved energy security and lower carbon emissions. In order to stimulate demand for these new technologies, the Government has already committed 30 million over the next three years to fund microgeneration installations and introduced reduced rates of VAT to encourage their adoption by individuals. DTI will publish a Microgeneration Strategy next week which will set out how the Government intends to address the various barriers preventing widespread take-up of these technologies through measures such as ensuring microgenerators are rewarded for exports of electricity, and working with planning authorities and the construction industry to develop positive approaches. Budget 2006 announces a further 50 million for DTI’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme with the aim of encouraging manufacture at higher scale leading to lower costs. This will help fund the installation of microgeneration technologies in a range of buildings including schools, social and local authority housing, businesses and public buildings.

It looks like I may finally get my windmill… but Mr Brown should not think that he has secured my vote as a result; you see, I also want a flying car:

The Register – Flying car captured on Google Earth
The Register – Second flying car spotted Down Under

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