Guantanamo: Straw cornered into (limited) action on foreign nationals

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It’s the ultimate job interview; the people wearing the white hats in the ‘war’ on terror will imprison you, abuse you and torture you until they find your mental and physical limits… and then they’ll offer you a job.

This makes sense to me… it’s all part of New Game (that’s the New Game with New Rules; where sometimes you have to torture bad people and sometimes you have to torture good people to find out who the bad people are).

But I did find it a little odd that they would imprison, abuse and torture someone who was already working for them.

Still, they know best… and if Jack Straw thinks that anyone who isn’t a British citizen (and is almost certainly a terrist) can rot in hell for all he cares, then who am I to arg*… wait a minute… what’s this….?

Independent – Straw to demand release of ‘MI5 man’ in Guantanamo after U-turn: In a foreign policy U-turn, Jack Straw has agreed to intervene in the case of a British resident who has been held in Guantanamo Bay for the past three years. The concession emerged during a court hearing yesterday after lawyers had alleged that the Iraqi-born businessman, who has lived in Britain since 1985, was an MI5 informer. Until yesterday Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, had said that the British government would not make any representations on behalf of American prisoners who were not British citizens. The Government maintains that – as foreign nationals – Bisher al-Rawi, Jamil el-Banna and Omar Deghayes have no legal right to the assistance they seek. But the judges heard yesterday that the Foreign Office had conceded that representations would be made to the US authorities for the release of Mr al-Rawi because of the particular circumstances of his case. His lawyers said afterwards that the decision to intervene was only an expedient way of avoiding the publication of sensitive information about MI5’s relationship with Mr al-Rawi.

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