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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 19, 2006

Category: Inneresting

Someone at SKY thinks they have a sense of humour.

UPDATE – Here, have a bonus extra.

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 9, 2005

Category: Inneresting

Damn… I forgot that I’m supposed to whore this link and insist that you vote for me.

Here, have those extras I promised:
Bush’s Tookie – Remembering Bush’s worst public moment (via)
Well said, CuriousHamster.
Nifty tool for colourising images (via Rob @ B3ta – enjoy the latest newsletter)
RSS Feeds On Your Toilet Paper (via)
Another ‘escape from the room’ game (Don’t be a pussy and look for the walk-through… tough it out!)
Watching all six Star Wars movies simultaneously (via)

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 7, 2005

Category: Inneresting

Guido and company note here that went live with a full revamp ‘less than half an hour after the results were announced’.

Nick Robinson is blogging! Properly! Items of note include Nick’s belated coming-out post and this guest-post from Alan Connor. There’s no trackback, but TB can be a bugger to regulate, so this omission is understandable… especially because the blog is hosted (properly!) on the BBC website.

1. Welcome to my blogroll, Nick.
2. The techs and strategists behind this deserve a big pat on the back. Out-fucking-standing.

Ricky Gervais is podcasting!

Bloody hell. That confirms it. The apocalypse is nigh.

PS – ‘Podcast’ is the word of the year. Apparently.

Moving right along…

Try to ignore the real world for a bit and check out the X-Men III trailer.

All done? Right… back to reality (kind of):

BlairWatch – Condi Gets Back to Jack: On Extraordinary Rendition

Heh. More un-reality here:

John Seigenthaler – A false Wikipedia ‘biography’: This is a highly personal story about Internet character assassination. It could be your story. I have no idea whose sick mind conceived the false, malicious “biography” that appeared under my name for 132 days on Wikipedia, the popular, online, free encyclopedia whose authors are unknown and virtually untraceable… At my request, executives of the three websites now have removed the false content about me. But they don’t know, and can’t find out, who wrote the toxic sentences.

A little Christmas tingle here:

George W. Bush hates Christmas! One can only wonder what his friend Rupert have to say about that.

And finally, I have this new toy to play with and Americans have this new toy to play with:

Congress votes database; browse every vote in the U.S. Congress since 1991. Note ‘browse’, not ‘search’. It goes further back than TheyWorkForYou, but it’s not quite as useful… yet.

UPDATE – A few more for you:
Every blogger reaches this point at some time or another. He’ll be missed, but he’ll be back.
BlairWatch -Andrew Tyrie Tory MP and the al-Jazeera Memo: And where the campaign to publish is up to
TalkPOlitics – Polly, the Mouse and the Fundies
Rachel from North London – More on the story of Khaled
Craig Murray – The real definition of torture

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 6, 2005

Category: Inneresting

BBC – Cameron chosen as new Tory leader

Well, the wait’s over for you. Me, I’m waiting for the naming of the shadow cabinet.

Go, Anne, go!

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 2, 2005

Category: Inneresting

New bloggers start here.

It looks like Tim Spicer will soon need to ‘move on’ with yet another company name. Help him choose one.

Greenpeace – the carbon condom. This, of course, is propaganda. Having people who work for the nuclear industry swanning about town for the past 3+ years selling the idea to the public without declaring an interest… that’s part of a sensible, democratic debate. You need to know this. You also need to know that Greenpeace protested the other day only because they’re a bunch of left-wing do-gooders wishing to hijack this sensible and democratic debate. It had nothing to do with the CBI suddenly un-inviting them at the last minute. I’ll close this item with a great quote from one of the left-wing do-gooders: “Today’s new review is simply a smokescreen for pushing his new-found enthusiasm for nuclear power. It’s like Iraq all over again – Blair makes his mind up, then tries to spin his decision to the British people.”

(See also: Pot/Kettle Fallacy and Wanted: A debate, not a fix.)

Speaking of sensible, democratic debate… Chicken Yoghurt – Educating the masses: Cut ‘n’ pasted letters and emails from constituents are ignored and binned by MPs, and fair enough. But cookie cutter quotes sent in the other direction, to gull voters into thinking a policy (whatever its merits) is popular, are fair game from our elected representatives. I suppose that’s what you call “building a consensus”.

Speaking of sensible, democratic debate… A Big Stick and a Small Carrot – We plant the seeds, nature grows the seeds: Planting political propaganda in the media, you say? Passing it off as the work of independent journalists, you say? Where have I heard that before?

Might be of interest to Methodists… FoxNews – Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War ‘Complicity’: Ninety-five bishops from President Bush’s church said Thursday they repent their “complicity” in the “unjust and immoral” invasion and occupation of Iraq. “In the face of the United States administration’s rush toward military action based on misleading information, too many of us were silent,” said a statement of conscience signed by more than half of the 164 retired and active United Methodist bishops worldwide. President Bush is a member of the United Methodist Church, according to various published biographies. The White House did not return a request for comment on the bishops’ statement.

Might be of interest to bloggers… CIA using its own blogs to gather, analyze information

Freepers on the loose… DailyKos – My Book is Being Freeped


Well, I’ve already had my say about that, but I would like to add that we tend to get very upset when this stuff happens to ‘one of ours’, but not so much when it happens to foreigners. This goes for bombings, too.

Hostages! Again! This time, it’s the people that we grab off the streets….

Guardian – Twist to terror suspects row as logs show 80 CIA planes visited UK
Independent – The need for a modern free market in torture
Guardian – MPs dismiss torture flight denial
Independent – Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture

Moving on to other difficulties… BlairWatch – The Two Memos – Where We Are

And, finally… Michael Howard’s last question as opposition leader enjoyed some press, but I much prefer his 2nd-to-last question: The Prime Minister said of his party; “I have taken from my party everything they thought they believed in. I have stripped them of their core beliefs… What keeps it together is… power.” When he said all that, did he realise that he would end up needing their votes?

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 25, 2005

Category: Inneresting

Boris is the host on this evening’s broadcast of Have I Got News For You (BBC1 at the new earlier time – 9pm).

Murky was at the taping. It’ll be interesting to see what gets cut.

UPDATE – Wibbler was there, too! How he got tickets and I didn’t is something that we shall have to discuss over beer. (Here’s hoping that we don’t end up having a silly row that gets out of hand.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 24, 2005

Category: Inneresting

Do excuse me… busy day today. Have some links:

Guardian – MPs seek independent inquiry into Iraq war

Press Gazette – MPs put heat on Meyer to quit

(UPDATE – Ooooh, look what else just went live there… Rupert Murdoch tells all to Press Gazette – excusive interview. And here’s a rundown in the Guardian via Nosemonkey.)

A belated plug for

I won’t be plugging 2005 Blogged: Dispatches from the Blogosphere until I’ve read it in full. At my leisure. So there.

Bush’s approval ratings – The New Map

BBSpot – Which Nigerian Spammer Are You?

Identity Theft Secrets – Phishers of men show Christmas spirit (relevant bit starts at 5:10, but you may want to watch the whole thing)

CNN – ‘Ugly dog’ Sam dies at 14

DailyKos – Pentagon has called White Phosphorus a “chemical weapon”

Right-wing bloggers are in an uproar over Cheney being X’ed by CNN. Reuters report is here, a good round-up of links is here (warning: contains opinion), but the very, very best part is this comment I found at DailyPundit’s ‘we called CNN and some guy in the call centre said they did it deliberately’ post: Kevin Finn said, “The Vice-President is a symbol of the United States, much like the American flag. For CNN to desecrate the image of the Vice President is the same as the Iranians burning the U.S. flag at a rally staged for the whole world via television. It is a slap in the face to all those who serve and have served in the armed forces”.

(UPDATE – FFS, even Michelle Malkin has managed to engage her brain and keep her foaming mouth under control… but this is sure to run for a while, regardless. The pack is hungry for blood.)

Rolling Stone – The Man Who Sold the War: By law, the Bush administration is expressly prohibited from disseminating government propaganda at home. [Not that that’s ever stopped them – Tim] But in an age of global communications, there is nothing to stop it from planting a phony pro-war story overseas — knowing with certainty that it will reach American citizens almost instantly. A recent congressional report suggests that the Pentagon may be relying on “covert psychological operations affecting audiences within friendly nations.” In a “secret amendment” to Pentagon policy, the report warns, “psyops funds might be used to publish stories favorable to American policies, or hire outside contractors without obvious ties to the Pentagon to organize rallies in support of administration policies.” The report also concludes that military planners are shifting away from the Cold War view that power comes from superior weapons systems. Instead, the Pentagon now believes that “combat power can be enhanced by communications networks and technologies that control access to, and directly manipulate, information. As a result, information itself is now both a tool and a target of warfare.”

National Journal – Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel: Ten days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush was told in a highly classified briefing that the U.S. intelligence community had no evidence linking the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein to the attacks and that there was scant credible evidence that Iraq had any significant collaborative ties with Al Qaeda, according to government records and current and former officials with firsthand knowledge of the matter.

Iraqis worried about wives: A veteran Middle East observer, Robert Fisk, says Iraqi civilians are worried about how to save their wives from becoming prostitutes. ‘Vast armies of the Mafioso are now operating in Iraq,’ said Fisk. ‘Women are being sold into prostitution into Syria and Yemen.’

Oh, and I tripped over this last night when checking initial search results for ‘leo blair’ (for the record, the blog entry launching The World According to Leo Blair is today 10th in Google, the video itself is 12th):

Scotsman – Hidden message in Leo picture (25 Nov 2003): Mr Chirac had taunted Mr Blair last year about whether he could look Leo in the face if the premier was responsible for starting a war – a spat which led to the postponement of the equivalent Anglo-French summit last year. The president said Leo was “a very appealing child that I love very much” but added: “I can’t pre-judge what the Prime Minister will say to his son when he wants to tell him these things, nor what his son will answer, but these situations are not easy.”

UPDATE (3:51pm) – Two extras from the Guardian….

From the letters page: “It is scandalous that students are using the internet to plagiarise their course work. We must keep up standards. Can you imagine what would happen if our prime minister presented as intelligence a dossier plagiarised from the internet. It is too dreadful to even contemplate.” – Ron Senchak (Manchester)

Simon Tisdall – Uzbekistan looks east for new friends: It looks like Craig Murray was right all along. To the US’s annoyance, Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan publicly criticised human rights abuses by President Islam Karimov’s government. Mr Murray lost his job last year. But even the most hard-nosed US strategists could not turn a blind eye to the massacre in the town of Andijan in May. The ensuing confrontation, all the more explosive for being delayed, has come at a high price to Washington’s interests in central Asia.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 20, 2005

Category: Inneresting

A great post ‘live’ from the 2nd Tory leadership vote. More will be posted here if you’re quick (or *was* posted there, if you’re not).

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 11, 2005

Category: Inneresting

Here’s some stuff:

Desperate Times. (via Toby)

U.S. Security officials gathered Monday at a Canadian border crossing to mark the first test of a radio frequency identification system to be used by foreign visitors. (via Scaryduck)

Oh. Goody.

Heh. You’ll love this. Do watch the preview. Grizzly Adams Productions rocks! Bigged-up up by FOXnews here.

Speaking of FOXNews, I tripped over this yesterday.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2005

Category: Inneresting

You may want to test your bullshit detector, just in case you’re put at risk before midday.

PS – Please be a joke, please be a joke, please be a joke…

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