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Analysis of @UKLabour/@Conservatives Twitter output during #GE2017

(EARLIER: Word Clouds for Labour/Conservative party Twitter accounts during #GE2017) I write about politics and corruption and what have you, but when I’m not wearing my cape, I also do data analysis on keyword search data for SEO purposes and … Continue reading

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I’m building an igloo, me! (OK, so the kids are helping.)

Inspired by this effort, I’ve started building an igloo in the backyard with the kids. What we’ve managed so far used only the snow in the yard, so with more heavy snow expected tonight, we should have our supply of … Continue reading

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You know what I hate?

I hate it when publishers do something that’s obviously wrong/dishonest, and then refuse to publicly admit it and/or apologise for it in front of their readers. I’m not talking about one person here; I’ve got at least two newspaper editors … Continue reading

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It’s a conspiracy!

I’m partial to a little adult swim and currently gearing up for possible legal battles by taking in some Harvey Birdman and a little old-school for afters. I saw this and thought of… someone. (Any minute now, I’ll break out … Continue reading

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Eclectic link dump #25

Mr Jenvey is busy elsewhere early today, but he has promised to share a statement with us later. I’m happy waiting for that, but here are a few extras for those of you who have looked through the old magazines … Continue reading

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Shock and awesome

I am shocked that this is possible. It is awesome. – President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address by David Bergman Check out the four guys on the far-right of the roof of the white building in the background. Seriously. (via … Continue reading

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Flu Trends

Via Gary Andrews: RWW – Google Flu Trends: A Glimpse into the Future of Google Health: It stands to reason that people who are “starting to come down with something” often take the opportunity to search for information on what … Continue reading

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Dracula’s Lament (by Jason Segel) – lyrics and tabs

This is my new favourite thing: Dracula’s Lament (Jason Segel) From the not-bad movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The best cover I’ve heard so far is here. It’s so sad and lovely, and I’d like to encourage further appearances of this … Continue reading

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The return of Sgt Streetwise

I have another thrill-a-minute excerpt from Sgt Streetwise for you. In this episode, Wise is a lush lush on the hush-hush. Tramps never go out of fashion! (Psst! Did you know that Sgt Streetwise was written on a regular basis … Continue reading

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A quick collection of Lego-related links

– This is very nice, but I got there first. – Needs more stormtroopers. – Ah, that’s better. More history (and art) here. – Speaking of stormtroopers… – Speaking of the entire original Star Wars trilogy… – Been to a … Continue reading

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