Backing Blair; big and dangerous, small and insignificant

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Tom Watson – Vote Liberal Democrat – Get the Tories

Guido has the best response so far; As opposed to Vote Labour get Blair?

This same line of thought has prompted quite a few comments over at Harry’s Place.

We at Backing Blair knew this was coming. We also know that we can expect many people (like Gareth Davies) to switch from this to the “Ho ho ho you are so small, what you are doing is pointless!” argument when it suits them.

So – just to clear the air – I just want to state for the record that we *are* big and dangerous. And small and insignificant. Perhaps someone can paint a more convincing picture by using a metaphor with matches or something. Over to you, Labour HQ…

UPDATE – Yup, I’m a top-secret deep-cover card-carrying Tory. In fact, I’ve been working towards this for 3+ years and have yet to blow my… oh, damn!

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