Open letter to Zack Exley

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
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under UK General Election 2005. Zack Exley and Tim Ireland. If they’d met under different circumstances, I think they might have been friends…

That’s quite possible…

As irritant notes here; It is possible that Zack Exley may be employed to undermine any of the online progressive campaigns against The Prime Minister.

Also quite possible. Zack’s job will be to address online communication and – judging by his apparent skill-set – this will mostly involve negative campaigning. Not just against the Lib-Dems and the Tories, but against the many protest-vote sites that have appeared. That includes Backing Blair.

So, let’s take those two things into account (and the fact that I emailed Zack yesterday) and assume that Mr Zack Exley is reading this and has an interest in knowing what makes me tick.

I’m going to make his job easier and extend the hand of friendship at the same time…

Dear Zack,

You may wonder why I do what I do. Well, truth be told, I only started doing what I do because – on the first project at least – I was the only man for the job.

Right now I do it because Tony Blair is an authoritarian tosspot who condemns torture with his Fine Words but condones it with his Filthy Actions. I do it because the electorate in the US and Australia (largely unwittingly and/or through fear) have put the stamp of approval on the shameful precedent of pre-emptive military strikes based on politically-influenced intelligence and I want *this* electorate to at least have access to the truth.

But I do wonder why *you’re* doing what you’re doing right now.

Have you been sold the lie that the Conservatives could get into power and this would be far worse (and/or that Blair is an important moderating influence on George W. Bush)?

Or is it all about the money?

If the former, I ask you to take a good look around your office – and this site – and see the truth (you can, after all, claim to be working).

If the latter, I doubt we can ever be friends (but I will pray for you in the most patronising way possible in order to feed my own sense of self-importance).

Kind Regards,

Tim Ireland

You can write your own letter to Zack via:
zackexley AT gmail DOT com

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