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Washington Post – Critic of U.N. Named Envoy: President Bush named Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton yesterday as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, a surprise choice that would send an outspoken critic of the world body’s effectiveness to its inner councils.

Kut Nimmo – War is Peace – John Bolton to the UN: In Bushzarro world, where up is down and logic is irrational, Bush nominates a man as ambassador to the United Nations who believes there is no United Nations. “There’s no such thing as the United Nations,” John Bolton declared in 1994. “If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.” Like the character Bizarro created by Otto Binder, Bolton Bizarro has a brain apparently functioning at a level of a kid – or more accurately, Bolton Bizzaro operates on the level of a playground bully minus Ritalin.

He’s a smart man, that Mr Bush… oh, yes he is:

Peter Gasston – Right as in right-wing?

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