How to spin tectonic plates

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Blimey! Now Bob’s at it!

Guardian – Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the election?: Thanks to tactical voting and electoral apathy the Tories could win it.

I think at this stage the Monster Raving Loony Party stands a better chance, but I’ll keep an eye on it just the same.

BBC – Blair ‘up for it’ ahead of poll: Tony Blair says his personal standing in the eyes of voters will be “an issue” in the general election. The prime minister said he was “up for it” as the country waits to go to the polls, possibly in a matter of weeks. (Link via Poons.)

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Guardian – Why the Sun is anti-Labour once again: The Sun is no longer a pro-Labour newspaper, yet neither the paper nor Downing Street is saying so openly. Both sides are keeping up the facade that it is business as usual despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Murdoch gets busyThe love-affair may not be over. A lot will depend on how Blair reacts to this latest bitch-slapping from Murdoch.

Bloggerheads: An important thing to remember about Murdoch and Blair is that – as cosy as their relationship might seem – Murdoch will not hesitate to give Blair a solid kicking over issues like the EU and immigration…

PS – Oh dear, indeed.

The Sun – Brown sees off Milburn: Tony Blair is preparing to sideline election supremo Alan Milburn amid fears of a Tory revival. Mr Milburn is seen as a flop and will make way for Gordon Brown, hailed by the PM last week as the “best Chancellor for 100 years”.

UPDATE 2 – I think it’s pretty clear what sort of issues Murdoch is trying to get on the agenda via this last slapping…

Look out! Gipsies! But it’s not about racism: The problem with gipsies and travellers has nothing to do with any racial discrimination, as John Prescott fears… If the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office would just let the politically correct scales fall from their eyes, they would see this obvious truth.

UPDATE 3 – (Via Chicken Yoghurt)…

Independent – Blair broke code to keep war advice from Cabinet: Tony Blair is facing calls for a formal investigation after it emerged that he breached the official code of conduct for ministers by failing to show the Attorney General’s full advice on the legality of the Iraq war to the Cabinet.

Here’s yet another chance to stop those protest votes, Labour Party peeps.

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