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This comment on the BBC is totally spot-on.

Underblog is right… this stinks.

They should hang their heads in shame… but there are some extra sums to do… like how 1 man under investigation for 3 years could get charged 4 days ago and how 2 men and 1 woman under investigation for 2 years could end up arrested 3 days ago

The first major terror arrests in how long..? And one after the other just as Teh Terror Must Seem Real…? Do the sums.

Ooooh… look; newslettery goodness.

Speaking of newsletters, I hear tell that the latest Holy Moly newsletter contains a claim that the image for this timely horse-abuse story was faked and that the whole story was invented by two ex-employees who left under a cloud. Obviously, I’d like to know more.

Speaking of more…

The Register – Guilty! New Labour could arrest self under new terror law
64 percent of U.S. adults *still* believe that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda
(both via PughWatch)

Cry of the Neocons: “WE WANT EURABIA!”
(via Nick Barlow)

The real origin of Moopersan!
(via Petter Gasston)

Boxy borg-like game.

John Cleese on Back-Up Trauma.

Hmm… what else have we got..?

Oh, yes. There’s also this…

Backing Blair t-shirts (and more) are now available for sale!

Did you catch that?

Backing Blair t-shirts (and more) are now available for sale!

And finally…

We are G-O for a Craig Murray weblog. It should be ready in about a week.


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