A message to the peeps who know Zack Exley

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 4, 2005

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If (I repeat if) Zack Exley is on his way back to the U.S. I would ask those who know him best (or even those who know how to get in touch with him) to work towards cornering him in the nearest non-smoking bar, so they may ask; “WTF are you up to?”

Earlier this week I emailed at least 10 high-profile left-leaning blogs in the U.S. about Zack’s new job with Bush-chum-Blair, and only *one* came back with a reply. Basically, I got blanked.

Two of the sites involved – Atrios and Washington Monthly – have now been dropped from my ‘sources’ list.

We help you; you help us. It’s not a specified deal as such, but we in the UK know that there are limits, and Exley has clearly operated outside those limits. And many ‘progressive’ blogs such as Atrios and Washington Monthly have clearly chosen to ignore those limits.

To put it another way…

If it comes down to this being a debate about reality, then if it ends up being a discussion about you in the US dealing with your own realities and leaving us in the UK to deal with ours after everything we’ve been through, then you can Fuck. Right. Off.

We’d love to care about social security and what not, we really would… but we have problems of our own right now that we thought you might care about, especially given everything we in the UK/reality-based community tried to do for America.

Mr Anti-Bush now works for Blair. That appears to be a reality.

Got no comment on that? Fine.

But I personally will not be linking to you if you don’t think Zack Exley working for the opposition is even worth mentioning.

You deal with your domestic issues, and we’ll deal with ours.

PS- Fcuk you very much.

PS2 – The last site to be removed from my navbar was Fark.com

Well done, Atrios and Washington Monthly; you’re in good company.

UPDATE – If you’re in the UK and a regular reader of a left-leaning U.S. blog, I’m going to ask you to send a link to this post to that blog. I’m feeling very ignored and quite pissed off at the moment. How much effort did we (collectively) throw at the US election? How right is it that reality-based blogs should ignore Zack Exley shilling for Blair?


  1. Friendly Fire says

    I agree with the “Fcuk you” very much too. Life in the Americas is Dems and Rethugs………..Nothing else matters to Atrios and Drum.

  2. Mary says

    Copy of post e-mailed and I’ll see what I can find out. Hang in there. The US is gasping for life under the Bush facist regime and it gets worse everyday.

  3. irritant says

    So is the UK Mary. A bit of support from over there would not only be appreciated but it would be in thier best interests.Blair backed Bush when most other countries thought GWB was a bad smell. Hand on heart, I believe Bush wouldn’t have got a second term without Blair’s interventions on Iraq. http://www.thankyoutony.com/

  4. Nick Barlow says

    I hit the same brick wall – when I found out about it and had a post, I emailed Atrios and Kos and got nothing back from either of them. I did get Atriosed once, but that was almost two years ago. Nowt since.

  5. irritant says

    Out of all the US people I contacted the only one that gave it a mention was http://www.unknownnews.net/. Mind you I have been giving them useful items on and off for years. I gave them both Tim’s and Nick’s links and they used Nick’s.

  6. What You Can Get Away With says

    The silence is deafening

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but remind me never to piss Tim Ireland off. As I mentioned in the comments there, I got the same lack of response as Tim, and it appears others did too. In fact, a quick Technorati search shows that it barely got ment…

  7. Seamus O'Blimey says

    Yes they have their own problems.. http://www.libertythink.com/2005/03/did-jeff-gannon-bend-over-tony-blair.html but don’t mind using your help..

  8. irritant says

    You know, if I had a penny for every time I have thought Blair is gay…Clarification: I’m *not* even remotely implying Blair is in any way a friend of Dorothy, Miranda or anyone else. But for some reason it keeps on popping into my mind, I have no idea why.Mind you, we Glaswegians consider anyone who doesn’t have a bottle of Scotch and 40 fags before breakfast as a bit of a Jessie.

  9. irritant says

    Perhaps the title of thier article should be called ‘BareBackingBlair’.

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