A way forward

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First they claimed we were so small in number as to be insignificant. Then they told us we were so great in number that we risked bringing the Tories back.

Earlier this week, they tried insulting us. Now they extend the hand of friendship. But I know a reach-around when I feel one, and I draw no comfort from Robin Cook’s prediction of an early withdrawal.

In short; I’d like the reaming to stop now, please.

No! No! No! Why are you going harder and faster? Did I say “harder and faster”…?

It’s Showtime: There is a “big vision” for a society where everybody “plays by the rules” announces Mr Blair, flanked by Gordon Brown, Patricia Hewitt, John Reid, John Prescott, Charles Clarke and Ruth Kelly.

Yes, let’s all play by the rules. Rules are there to protect the innocent and maintain a safe and just society.


I don’t know about you, but I am in no doubt that – after months of dodging the issue and playing it down before the election – Blair will have no hesitation in presenting it as a referendum on Iraq as little as a day or week after. And at that time he will claim that the people have spoken and absolved him. Then it’ll be ‘boots on’ for continued manipulation of our fears of terrorism and more smiling faces pasted onto Tory policies.

A lot of Labour-led fear campaigns have asked us what we want to wake up to on May 6th. What I’ve just outlined above is what I expect. What I want is to avoid it.

Labour In. Blair out.

Now, more than ever, I stand by these words and believe in this mission.

There is nothing Tony Blair can say that will sway me from this course. There is only one thing he can do…. and that’s resign. Immediately.

There is nothing anyone from the Labour Party can threaten or promise that will sway me from this course. It’s mostly their fault that Blair is still where he is now. They had their chance to oust Blair last summer and approach the next election with a new leader and an established cabinet, but they chose the risk. They thought that we would not dare to turn away from Labour.

They were wrong. And they have no right to bitch at us about the ‘risk‘ that they chose to take.

But there is hope for them, and it lies in these words:

Labour In. Blair out.

Remove ‘Blair out.’ and what are you left with?

Labour In.

This, people, is a call for you to show the Labour Party what you are made of and how much you desire change.

This is a call for you to show them that you will not settle for promises of change. This is a call for you to show them that you expect nothing less than immediate change. Things have been too wrong for too long for any kind of promise of action to hold water.

We’ve seen a number of approaches to the ‘small’ problem of protest voting over the past few weeks, but we have yet to see any real action.

Achieving actual change will require a great show of will.

My question to you is this: What are you willing to do?

The Labour Party needs to know that you are determined. The Labour Party needs to know that you are vocal.

The Labour Party needs to know that they face you as a foe while Blair is in charge, and can only hope to embrace you as a friend after he is gone.

And if they’re genuinely worried about a return of a Tory government, they will heed these words:

Dear Labour Peeps,

It should concern you greatly that your leader is so unpopular as to make Labour voters think seriously about voting Tory. We didn’t cause this movement, we just saw it coming and gave it a home.

Labour In. Blair out.

Or, if you prefer, we can play it the safe way:

Blair out. Labour In.

Get rid of him. Now.

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