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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 7, 2005

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Busy one this morning. Have a link-dump:

The Guardian Election Blog plugs the genius that is The Blair Watch Project. So far, it’s been used mainly to dump subversive images, but I’ll be much happier once some genuine images come through. And if the determined individuals armed with cameraphones also keep Operation Henman in mind.

Radio 4 have selected their ‘election watch’ weblogs. Despite the lack of any monetary motivation, I submitted my Anne Milton weblog, which made the shortlist, but not the final list. Despite being “one of – if not the – most original (entries) received”, it was shunted to the sidelines because it lacked political balance. Fair enough. One more reason to believe in the BBC.

Murky does an excellent run-down of online campaigns. have an election-watch thingie, and have ingeniously stashed the weblog behind a subscription wall. Way to engage, FT.

Nick Barlow – never let the facts… This is a good read. Have a look (and also check out some thoughts from Chicken Yoghurt) before playing with Peter Snow’s swingometer yourself. The Tories don’t stand a chance.

Which is bad news for Stefan Kerner, Parliamentary Candidate for Doncaster Central. In the interests of transparency, I feel I should point out that Stefan (as co-proprietor of DesignerCity Ltd) used to be one of my bosses in the glorious but short-lived dotcom era.

Backing Blair backs him, but this can to attributed to a simple (yet massive) conspiracy.

We now pause to hold hands and sing today’s hymn.

Some further links may follow. Stand by.

UPDATE – Anne Milton has a new pamphlet.

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