Waste. Of. Space.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 6, 2005

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UPDATE – Inspired by the comment by goatchurch, I went to the Labour website and searched for ‘WMD’…

The result?


  1. bigdaddymerk says

    Tony paused on the campaign trail to answer some of the questions that have just been submitted to Labour.org.uk. – of course he did.

  2. Guy Gooberman says

    God that’s bad.

  3. Justin says

    Jesus Christ, some poor sod wasted precious hours of his life creating that. And that’s not counting the damage caused to his immortal soul.

  4. Scaryduck says

    I “Talked to Tony”!Tony — You made a high-profile visit to Weymouth yesterday to launch your campaign. Why didn’t you talk to the public?An answer? Don’t waste your breath.

  5. goatchurch says

    If you type “Iraq” into their search box the hit count is now 5 for this major policy question. The new one is a mention in a loooong budget speech: “we have also been able to meet the extra and unanticipated costs of Iraq… 4.9 billion”.Although the occupation was long anticipated since March 2002, they had expected Iraq to pay for its own invasion, so I guess the costs in tax money were unanticipated. We were always going to pay, but it was supposed to be part of the price of petrol.

  6. Justin says

    The search for “truth” on the site is also a fruitless one.As are the ones for “humanity” and “compassion”.

  7. semajmaharg says

    Don’t knock it – at least you got an apology from Labour about WMD! :o)

  8. Nick Barlow says

    ‘Honesty’ brings up nothing, as does ‘basic human decency’.’Lies’ brings up 29 different results, including most of their election pledges.

  9. mrpayne.com says

    Empty Rhetoric

    Screenshot from the Labour Party website. Idea taken from Bloggerheads ….

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