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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 5, 2005

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
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Lib-Dem across the board. I can’t help feel a little bad about living in a constituency that has Labour as a distant third, and my thoughts go out to everybody who has to consider voting Tory in protest.

Chin up, folks. Your vote for the right will help to move Labour back to the left.

Stay focused, and stay on target.

Labour in. Blair out.

UPDATE – Labour persists with The Big Lie.

UPDATE – Click here for live blogging of results. I’m not sure what I plan on doing myself. Probably a lot on unlaxing until about midnight.

UPDATE – More live-blogging goodness here.

UPDATE – The Uncredibles! A late arrival, but it’s bloody excellent stuff.


  1. underblog says

    No worries. We all have to do our bit.I’ve sprinkled some “Iraq” confetti around the area, to brighten the neighbourhood up a bit.

  2. Friendly Fire says

    Hopefully your vote will more than match those dodgy postal votes that New Labour were churning out on an “industrial scale*” (*John Piennar R5L)

  3. balders says

    Well it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience, rather like running your finger nails down a blackboard, but I "sucked it up" and voted Tory. First time in 22 years of voting, bleargh. If Blair gets a big majority after all this, I'm going to exact revenge upon him for putting me in such a position.

  4. Simon Maxwell says

    Tim, I clicked on the link that you provided there to that New Labour animation thingy. It makes me rather angry that New Labour equate my Green vote with a vote for the Tories.

  5. balders says

    Simon, it equates all non-Labour votes with a vote for the Tories. What annoyed me more was the way the damn thing hijacked my browser and effectively maxed it to the screen size. Bastards.

  6. Scaryduck says

    I too sucked it up (by postal vote), chanting the mantra “Labour in, Blair out” as I did so.At least, from tomorrow, my town won’t be crawling with government ministers.

  7. poons says

    I voted Tory *sob* and I had to talk to me dad to apologise immediately after.

  8. irritant says

    When my postal vote came in it took roughly 48 hours for me to put my mark on the paper. It was the first time I voted other than Labour. My MP is back in but there has been a significant swing to LibDem in my constituency. It had to be done.Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if Labour does quite a bit better than the exit polls have indicated. Don’t ask me why I feel this, it’s just a feeling.

  9. James says

    Conservatives gain Guildford, apparently.

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