Rupert’s latest gift to democracy

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
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Well, the boogeymen have bottled it. The big threat to Blair Murdoch is the rise of the Lib-Dems. And you can just smell the fear in today’s Sun:

The Scum – The chance you mustn’t waste: You only get to vote in a General Election about 15 times in your life. That’s what a precious commodity you have in your hands today. It is vital that you use it… Make sure you vote today. Vote for anyone (well, not the extremist Lib Dems) because contrary to what the moaners claim, your vote DOES count. Vote for whoever you believe will do the best for you and for the country (that rules out the Lib Dems straight away).

Heh. Lib-Dem extremists. And here was me thinking that the Tories were terrorists.

Please excuse me for a bit. I have to go out and vote. For the Lib-Dems.

UPDATE – Wait a mo. I just got a last-minute email from ‘honest’ John Prescott, who assures me that: “Today you must choose between Labour, under Tony Blair, or the Tories under Michael Howard. A vote for the Lib Dems will effectively be a vote for the Tories.”

Well John, I’ve heard this argument before… but now I hear it from someone with your working-class credentials, I certainly must say that it gives me pause for thought.

PS – You were equally convincing when you were wheeled out to defend Iraq and ID cards and detention without trial because Blair didn’t have the guts to appear on Radio 4 himself.

(goes out at votes Lib-Dem anyway)

Get out there and VOTE today, folks!

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