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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 4, 2005

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UPDATE (10 Jan 2006): Click here for the ‘give respect, get respect’ campaign.

1. Michael Howard is due to patrol Guildford High St from 10:30am this morning. If you’re in the area, I have a small favour to ask.

2. You know I can’t resist saying “I told you so!”

Nudge, wink, vote!3. The Scum have come out in support of Blair with a front page, interview, and editorial that declares he is worthy of your vote because he is a “decent, caring family man”… with a large cock that he can put to good use up to 5 times a night. I kid you not. The article only appears in the newspaper, but here’s a juicy excerpt from the interview:

CB: Oh come on Tony, strip off. Let’s see that fit body we’ve been talking about.
TB: You can keep your hands to yourself, Cherie!
Scum: So how fit are you Tony?
CB: Very!
Scum: What, at least five times a night?
TB: At least, I can do it more depending on how I feel.
Scum: Are you always up to it?
CB: He always is!
TB: Right that’s enough – interview over. And I’m not doing any kissing pictures! Come on, woman, time to cook my dinner.

This is not a joke, people. This is an actual excerpt from the interview. Sadly, the Page 3 girl fails to focus on that lovely, lovely cock and instead wraps her legs around Tony’s family cred…

Today Ruth (22, from Kent) thinks it’s heart-warming that Tony and Cherie have such a strong, loving marriage. She says: “It can only be good for Britain – a stable Prime Minister means a stable country.”

Actually, that’s not a bad maxim. Too bad it falls over when you consider that Blair will continue to be a liability after the election.

He was on Radio 4 this morning pushing the line (again) that September 11 changed everything; therefore he felt he had to take action to stop the proliferation of WMDs. Starting with Iraq. But Iraq was such a failure in terms of logistics and public trust that he’s now nobbled if he wishes to tackle the further threats that he lists (Iran, North Korea etc.), so even if you take this argument at face value, Blair still looks like a failure and a liability. Because of the way he handled matters over Iraq, there is no way he’s going to be able convince the British people to get involved in armed conflict over such threats, be they alleged, possible, theoretical or actual.

But don’t let that stop you from thinking about his enormous cock.


  1. Guy Gooberman says

    Just thought you should know that the Daily mail are running a guide to tactical voting…*cough*

  2. Manic says

    Thanks. I picked up a copy for reference, but I haven’t had the stomach to read it yet. I still feel dirty after today’s Sun.

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