Oh, there’s no charge… it’s all part of the service

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Thursday, August 18th, 2005
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Hurray! Another liar.

Perfect – Blair must go
Chicken Yoghurt – A marriage of convenience
SMH – The look of a terrorist? It was a police fantasy
Scotsman – Sir Ian tried to stall killing probe
Guardian – Met chief tried to stop shooting inquiry
BBC – Timeline: Tube shooting
Talk Politics – Have you no sense of decency?
Heh. I’m flattered
Craig Murray – The killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

Someone should explain to Sir Ian Blair that it’s the public that’s meant to be kept in a perpetual and disabling state of fear and anxiety, not the authorities.

Speaking of phantoms and fears, here’s Charles Clarke still trying to tie it all together.

The resignations should begin now… Blair, then Clarke, then Bliar. But they won’t. Because the stakes are too high. And we have to show faith in our leaders lest we give in to terrorism. And it was the terrorists who were really responsible for the killing. They created the conditions that contributed to the event, you know. And they’re all working together, yes they are.

UPDATE – An excellent animation at B3ta.

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