New Orleans declared public relations disaster area

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 8, 2005

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Lies, bluffs and obfuscation to look out for:

– You shouldn’t be playing the ‘blame game’ (see it in action; go to page and Ctrl+F for ‘blame game’ or read this handy extract or this excellent article)
– But the local authorities are actually to blame (see it in action)
– “The President had to beg the Governor of Louisiana to take action” (see it refuted)
– The local authorities didn’t follow the plan, or didn’t have a plan (see it refuted)
– The scale of disaster somehow excuses inaction, embodied primarily by “disaster area twice the size of Europe” (see it in action)
– Hatred of Bush driving criticism, suggesting it is in no way based on facts (see it in action)
“Nobody saw it coming”

(See also: What Kind Of Asshole Conservative Response Did You Have? and Listening To RW Radio – “They’ll Just Spend It On Crack”)

Meanwhile, a curtain is being drawn over New Orleans. Reports of an increasing media shut-down can be read here, here and here. A neat round-up can be read here.

Remember folks, we can overcome any shortfalls in reality if we can just manage the perception. Hell, it ‘worked’ in Iraq.

As for any kind of investigation or accountability, well, apart from this good news, we also have the following:

Republicans block efforts to amend relief bill, hold vote without providing copy of bill: Democrats said no one had even seen a copy of the legislation. Voting along party lines, Republicans denied a measure that would have allowed for two hours of discussion and opened up the measure to be amended. Democrats implored Republicans to allow amendments, which would enable consideration of measures such as which areas and to which agencies relief dollars were most needed and how to restructure FEMA so that it would be more effective.

GOP to announce fake rubber-stamp commission to investigate Katrina – no Democrats involved: Sources on the Hill are hearing that the Republicans are going to announce a “bipartisan” bicameral Katrina commission, except, while they are saying its bipartisan and bicameral, they’ve not told the Senate Democratic Leadership anything about it, the Democratic Leadership will not be invited to the announcement of the commission.

And finally, a refreshing acknowledgment of reality from the President (just kidding)… – “What didn’t go right?”: After a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Bush warned against the “blame game” as he pointed his finger: “Bureaucracy is not going to stand in the way of getting the job done for the people.” His aides briefed reporters on background that “bureaucracy” of course referred to state and local officials. That night, at the White House, Bush met with congressional leaders of both parties, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged Bush to fire Brown. “Why would I do that?” the president replied. “Because of all that went wrong, of all that didn’t go right last week,” she explained. To which he answered, “What didn’t go right?”

UPDATE – Hm. Those words may come back to haunt him (but they probably won’t)…

Independent – Disaster agency chief to be fall-guy for federal failure: Mr Bush is loyal to appointees. But leaks against Mr Brown, about a lack of qualifications for the job – suspected of orginating in the White House, suggest he is being lined up as designated fall guy, in an attempt to save the necks of those higher up.

UPDATE (09 Sep) – Whoops. I forgot another bluff (used this morning by the fragrant Mrs Cheney); It’s a media obsession and the people don’t really care about blame. They want *action*. (So, therefore, they will never wish to ask questions about action that was not taken or have them asked on their behalf.)

UPDATE – TPMCafe – Deconstruction of the Myths: But the myth of the right’s pre-eminence in all things security related, which was never supported by evidence anyway, is not the only one found gasping beneath the waves of Lake Pontchartrain. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has exposed the tepid foundation of conservative thought itself: that society as a whole functions better when its participants pursue their own self interest over the interest of society.

UPDATE – The truth from Murdoch? Now we *know* Bush’s days are numbered.

UPDATE – “Now is not the time for finger-pointing,” says finger-pointing Republican.

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